Winter Solstice

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Winter Solstice

Internal Alchemy Meditation 

Night of 21-22nd December

December 2015
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The solstice night is  approaching and with it the return of the lively Yang Qi to the cold depths of the earth. Being the darkest night of the year it is the turning point for the longer days to come. Therefore it contains the seed which conceives the warm creative Yang energy of the year..  Since time immemorial  our ancestors have recognized this magical tide, and in the canon of  Daoism it is hailed as a powerful time to do  Internal Alchemy Meditation or Nei Dan, to cultivate the "Golden Elixir" or "Medicine Pill".
This year Zhixing has made a meditation especially for this night, which will be available to you on You Tube from 10pm on the 21st of December.  You will find it under:

You Tube:
Daoist Internal Alchemy, with Zhixing Wang.

Time: 11pm to 1 am 
Date: Night of 21-22nd December

Please tune in and meditate between 11pm and 1am on the night of the 21st-22nd December.  The length of your meditation should be at least 30 minutes.
If you cannot access it on computer, do simply tune in at this time.  The powerful Qi energy is accessible and available to those seeking it, and can be felt as a lively nourishing energy pervading the space. 
  On the solstice night Zhixing will be joining in with the whole Hua Gong community and the downloaded Qi energy will be very strong indeed.


In his many descriptions of this unique practice Zhixing has sought to bring to our attention the importance and the special rewards  of this meditation.
"With this method our body becomes strong and our energy increases.  Illness, pain, weakness, germs and viruses can be experienced as being burned away.  There is no room for shadow and cold.  On the other hand, we feel that there is so much space in the body that can deal with any chaotic stuff.  Internal Alchemy or Nei Dan, is an old Daoist analogy for this extraordinary method.  The light pearl, according to ancient Daoist teachings, is like a medicine pill or elixir that can prevent or eliminate any illness from the body and enable a person to live a long life – well over a hundred years.  The experience of this practice shows a strong effect on the sexual potency and youth preserving function".

Here's hoping you can join in the meditation with us, and experience a renewed vigour, a deep sense of connection and warm joy at the Winter Solstice ...

Also, wishing you and your families and friends a wonderful festive season and a merry Christmas!

from all of us at

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