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Internal Alchemy Meditation at the Winter Solstice

Sunday December 21st 11pm-1am

Greetings Subscriber 

The Solstice for 2014 approaches and the Yin energy moves ever deeper both in the microcosm and the macrocosm.  Now is the time for us to hibernate, contemplate and indeed cultivate our precious  Qi .
It is one of the most important principles in Daoist philosophy that things at their peak, begin to decline and change towards the opposite direction.  In the deepest part of the night, is the beginning of the new day, and so it is  the Winter Solstice the darkest time of the year heralds a new dawn.
 This time signals the return of the initiary "Yang Qi" and being at its most potent is of great importance to us all.


It has become a tradition in our Hua Gong group to meditate together on this special day. As in the past few years, Zhixing will be leading an Internal Alchemy meditation around 11pm-1am GMT on the night crossing the  21st of December and the 22nd of December.  Hua Gong practitioners from around the world are welcome to join in at this time.  if this is not convenient for various reasons, it is advisable to meditate around midnight local time.  The suggested minimum time of meditation is three quarters of an hour extending over the two hours.

Below is a Calligraphy image of the Yang Qi from Zhixing for the Solstice,  Meditate on the image on the night of the Solstice and for the next few weeks.  it contains the transmission energy of the Yang Qi.  For those of us who have not done done the Internal Alchemy retreat we can simply tune in to the energy of the moment or we can also use the Internal Alchemy DVD to help us  along.

Yi Yang Lai Fu /An element of the Yang returns
The straight line at the bottom of the hexagram (from the Book of Yi Jing) in the Calligraphy image symbolises the Yang element.   As we can see there is only one straight or "through" line while the remaining five lines are broken lines.  It symbolises the beginning of the rise of Yang and the decline of Yin.  Being the beginning, it contains all the potential to come hereafter.  Therefore it contains the most potent power-like the sprout from the seed contains the whole life of the tree which is to come.  If the time of the year could be likened to a tree, the Solstice day is the sprout.
It is believed in Daoist practice that it is a high time to meditate  on or around the Solstice  especially at midnight.  One may accumulate more energy and progress than at any other time of the year.  Therefore Daoists intensify their practice at this time.

We invite you to a powerful meditation at the Solstice, a great sense of connection with the Cosmic Qi and with all fellow practitioners as we nourish the seed of the new year to come.

We wish you and your family and friends a Happy Christmas, a wonderful festive time and a great New Year ahead!
From all of us at Chinese Heritage

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