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Hua Gong Weekends
London 2012

June 30-July 1
Sept 1-2, Oct 6-7
Nov3-4, Dec 1-2

Class in Small Group
Saturday evenings of the London weekends
Tim: 6-9pm

Norway Weekends
Snake Gong

March 15-18
Turtle Gong
Nov 8-11

Devon Weekends
5 Animals

June 16-17
Hua Forms
October 13-14


Premium Green Teas available
Iron Guan Yin for yang Qi
Bi Luo Chun for Yin Qi
Dragons Well for meditation
Jasmine Tea for relaxation

Please contact the office for details.

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Year of the Dragon

Greetings Subscriber 
How time flies and the Summer Solstice has just passed..  We have returned from an exciting 5 Animal Weekend in Devon feeling rejuvenated and full of vigour.  It really felt like a retreat instead of just two days!  The venue at Dartington was delightful and a  wonderful place to do the practice in.  We are looking forward to the next weekend there in October which will be the Hua Gong Forms.

 This month's Newsletter  contains excerpts from a recent lecture about the  pre-natal energy which Zhixing often refers to in his teachings and its significence in Hua Gong. He  has also given us another Calligraphy entitled Dao Hua  to meditate on this month which will help to attune us more strongly to our practice. 

Dao Hua
 " Connect to the Dao, the creator, the root, the source, the origin, the way, the driving force
Hua- to apply, to manifest, to transform, to integrate to liberate and to enjoy.
This is the essential meaning of Dao-Hua".

Important Date for your Diary

The next London Weekend is on Saturday the June 30th/July 1st.  There will be no London Weekend in the month of August.

The London Hua Gong Weekends 2012
The London Hua Gong monthly weekends will continue to transmit the cosmic Qi-the life nourishing energy described in the classical literature as "Mother Nature's Milk", and to "live broadcast" spiritual information.  
This is like receiving direct instructions from the Dao of Nature, and we continue to get closer to the standards required by the practice and continue to refine our skills as practitioners.

Retreats 2012
August 2-15     Comprehensive Hua Gong Worth Abbey .
(Contact office for details, this retreat is divided into 2 separate weeks of 6 days)
August 16-22  Qi Calligraphy  Worth abbey Sussex
September 16-25  Cloudy Dragon  Henley-on Thames
October 27-Nov 2  Turtle & Snake Henley-on-Thames

A recent Lecture

The Hua Gong Form is like a code or password which if we do it symbolically and correctly our Qi becomes activated and our connection secured.  In this way we start from the top as it were, and also technically from a very high level.  As the immediate overall level is very high indeed we are connected to the pre-natal Qi which is not always the case in most Qigong practices.  Many practices on the body and energy work on the post-natal level.  We can train our body over a long period of time and our energy too, but we are not not necessarily connecting to the root of our life.
With the practice of Hua Gong we connect to the pre-natal energy.  This means the connection to the origin of our life, the essence of our being, indeed our very existence as a living being.  This is the connection to the original source which brought us into existence and which will determine when we leave this form.  When we connect on this level we are working on something quite different, more potent  than with any kind of post-natal training.  Here, metaphorically the plant is watered from the root and our life is nourished from the true source of all nourishment.

Have a wonderful month of July full of inspiration in the practice
From all of us at Chinese Heritage.
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