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Retreats 2015
Qi Calligraphy
Oct 5-13 St Katharine,s of Parmoor

Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Nov 9-17  St Katharine's of Parmoor

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The Year of the Goat

September 2015
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The breath of Autumn is already with us as the Autumn Equinox approaches.  With it the burgeoning Yin energy is on the increase, and so too is a  recognition of the need to strengthen our kidney energy with our Qigong practice.
  We have also just returned from the Cloudy Dragon retreat at St Katharines's of Parmoor, and the experience could only be described as "magical" and empowering.  Normally we speak about opening channels and meridians with the activated Qi energy, but this was more like a tornado wind force rushing up a highway...very powerful and strengthening and taking all our Hua Gong practices to another level. 

We are also looking forward to the Qi Calligraphy retreat in October which is always another chance to tune in to the power of the Qi via the medium of the brush and ink

Qi Calligraphy of the Month
Please see below an image from Zhixing depicting the inner meaning of Calligraphy symbols and how they can affect us.  As always meditate on the image and note any energetic responses you might experience.

This is the standard  character for the practice of Chinese calligraphy.  It contains the eight basic strokes with which almost all Chinese characters can be formed.
In this image we can see good calligraphy writing is like a meditation.  Each character contains a hidden image which looks like a meditator.  It is not a ordinary meditator but a very good one whose body has becomes so empty that we can only see the indication of it rather than the actual body.  Repeatedly writing the characters leads us into a surpassed state of body and and mind. 

Important dates for your Diary

London Hua Gong Weekend
Date: September 5-6
Venue: St Charles 6th Form College St Charles Square W10 6EY

An opportunity to learn the most up to date Hua Gong practices and to receive powerful Qigong transmission.  All students are welcome whether completely new to the practice or more experienced.
Sword Practice with Zhixing at the London Weekend
Time: 5.30am-7.30pm

Hua Gong Dartington, Devon
Rejuvenating our Life
Date: September 26-27


Walking and stepping have been a main practice in Hua Gong in recent years because of our general need for our health and because of its effectiveness in vitalising our energy. In a more positive way of putting it, the walking techniques in Hua Gong rejuvenates our life and enables us to feel childlike. Being like a child – lively, joyful, tireless – is a good reference for our physical and mental health.
Contact: Brad Richecoeur to confirm a place and for further details

Qi Calligraphy Retreat
Date: October 5-13
Venue: St Katharines's of Parmoor Henley on Thames

Qi Calligraphy and painting is both a special form of art, and a unique way of Qigong.  For the last fourteen  years or so, Qi Calligraphy has been an important way in Zhixings’ own Qigong practice.  Zhixing finds that the energy and information which channels through the calligraphy is extremely empowering.  Also the information which comes with the calligraphy, which is often in poetry form, is most inspiring.
Looking at the Calligraphy or observing the writing of it, is also a powerful way of receiving a Qi treatment and of doing Qigong practice. 
Spontaneous painting will be part of the practice on retreat, which could awaken latent artistic abilities.. People who are already artistic by nature may find their skills improved, whilst those who do not think that they are particularly artistic may be inspired to realise their artistic potential. 
Alongside this also comes the innate ability to recognize good art.

Please email if you would like to attend.

That is it for now

We wish you an inspiring month of September replete with great Qi and strong Hua Gong practice

From all at the
Dao Hua School, Chinese Heritage


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