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Weekends 2016

Essential Hua Gong
 Aug 6-7
Sept 10-11. Oct 1-2 
Nov 5-6-, Dec 3-4

New Moon Internal Alchemy Meditations
Time: 11pm-1am

 Sept 1
Oct 1, Oct 30
Nov 29, Dec 29

Essential Hua Gong
Sept 17-18

Focused Hua Gong

Sept 24-25

Retreats 2016

Qi Calligraphy
Aug 31-Sept8   St Katharine,s of Parmoor

Turtle & Snake
Oct 17-25 St Katharine,s of Parmoor

Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Nov 7-15  St Katharine's of Parmoor


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The Year of the Red Fire Monkey


Greetings Subscriber 
We have just returned from two  amazing and memorable weeks of Internal Alchemy at Worth Abbey School.  Zhixing worked ceaselessly giving the transmission for freely opening the Spiritual connection from above, and the end result was as if our bodies and energy were irradiated by "Cosmic Light".  Described by some students as being in the "Heavenly Light" or in an "Immortal state"it was an existential experience,and indeed  hard to describe in words.  The results were very evident; visible  rejuvenation, animated joy, an empty state, blissful experiences all were the norm.

Zhixing reminded us often of one idea which we can reflect on to improve our practice. This  is to measure our ability to connect to the Spiritual signal.  The results of successful connection  are easily  measurable.  Because of it we become spirited and lively and can easily rise from a sofa or the floor with little effort of holding or pushing,.
This means if we are not achieving the results we want we need to continue to investigate our connection.  This is the way to become good practitioners!   Are we feeling sluggish, heavy and burdened or are we are in a "Signal Present" state? Indeed are we animated?.

At the end of this newsletter is a poem from Zhixing  to express his experience of the magic of Internal Alchemy and the cultivation of the "Golden Elixir".

The next Internal Alchemy practice at the New Moon is on Sept 1st between 11pm and 1am.  However each night, at midnight is an optimum time to do Internal Alchemy meditation.   You will be joining with many practitioners at this time.  

Calligraphy of the Month
Zhixing has prepared a Qi Calligraphy for us to tune in to for the month of August.  It will activate your Qi energy and you need to respond to it naturally for best results.

Tai / Prosperity:
Tai is the Chinese character which stands for one of the 64 Gua ( hexagram ) in the Book of Yi Jing.  Three Yin lines on top of three Yang lines form the perfect balance of Yin and Yang and
the exchange of the two.  This Gua symbolises the essence of the Earth, such as the rainy clouds, on top the essence of the Heaven, such as the rising heated vapour from the ground, hence the communication of the two. It symbolises balance, harmony, health, fortune and prosperity.  In Qigong practice it indicates the opening of the heart centre and solar plexus, and the exchange and balance of the heart (mental and spiritual)  and the kidney (physical) Qi.

For Your Diary

London Weekend   Essential Hua Gong
Date: August: 6-7   Time: 10am to 6pm, 10am to 5pm

Sword Practice Saturday 6th August
Time: 6pm-7.30pm

Bring along your Sword for another evening of collective practice and correction by Zhixing.

Qi Calligraphy Retreat
Date: August 31-Sept 8
Join us once again in St Katharine's of Parmoor for a week long practice of Qi Calligraphy.  At the heart of the Hua Gong tradition is the hermetic and intellectual art of Qi Calligraphy.  It is not just about drawing symbols on paper, it is "writing" with Qi , a whole other subject for discussion and experience.   Running alongside this is the transmission and information embedded in the writing which will activate our Qi and download information.  This is not to be missed if you have not yet experienced it!

Italy Weekend
Essential Hua Gong
Date: September 17-18
Zhixing has been invited to do a weekend of Hua Gong at the Fudenzi Zen Temple & Monastery, Parma.
Please email for information if you would like to attend.

Devon Weekend
Focused Hua Gong
The Transformation of the Five Emotions

Date: Sept 24-25
Emotions play an important  part in the quality of our health and are generally less managable than our physical body.  Hua Gong practice has discovered and accumulated ways of turning our emotions into positive energy and source of inspiration, rather than damaging force and reasons of misery.  Emotionally provocative meditation and the use of Qi Calligraphy are the main methods to be practiced.  Insights and the understanding of emotions will also be shared.

Internal Alchemy Poem 

Entering the mouth
Back to Mother Nature's womb
Chilled and warmed
Suffocated and breathed
Dark and bright

Silver, gold purple
Blue, green red
Nurtured like a baby
Loved like and adult

All wounds soothed and healed

Reborn with refilled blood and
Renewed joy to face the world.


That's it for now..enjoy  glorious August and your connection to Hua Gong

From all of us at 

The Dao Hua School, Chinese Heritage

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