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Weekends 2016

Essential Hua Gong
 Dec 3-4

New Moon Internal Alchemy Meditations
Time: 11pm-1am

Nov 29, Dec 29

Weekends 2017
Feb 11-12
Mar 4-5
Apr 8-9
July 1-2
Sept 9-10
Oct 7-8
Dec 2-3

June 17-18
Sept 30-Oct1

Feb 24-26 

May 27-28

Italy, Parma
June 10-11

Italy, Sardinia
Sept 16-17

Retreats 2017

Settling and Purifying the Heart (Updated Five Emotion Hua Gong)

Mar 24-30  St Katharine's of Parmoor

Qi Sword,
May 9-15  Devon
May 16-22 (open to those who have attended first week)

Int Alchemy 1
July 10-18 St Katharine's of Parmoor

Int Alchemy 2
Jul 19-27 St Katharine's of Parmoor

Animating the Inner Organs
Aug 26-Sept1   St Katharine's of Parmoor

Qi Calligraphy
Oct 16-22  St Katharine's of Parmoor

Calligraphy Qigong
Oct 23-31 St Katharine's of Parmoor

Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Nov 22-30  St Katharine's of Parmoor

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The Year of the Red Fire Monkey

December 2016

Greetings Subscriber 

Already the seasonal wheel has turned and we are approaching December, the Winter Solstice and a new cycle of Hua Gong .  As it is the more Yin time of the year, it is a great reminder to light our "internal fire" with Qigong.

The Advanced Forms retreat, the last retreat of the year as we head into the cold, dark days of winter,  was  an extremely powerful and deep enhancement for those of us attending.  It was and still is a powerful experience; a great attunement.
Zhixing reminded us that in Hua Gong, the reciprocal effect of each student practising and developing in turn  enables  more and more energy and information to be available for download to the  individual and the group.  
There is yet more transmission to share with us, and  more powerful transformative energy to connect to. We are also cultivating our "Body Light"for nourishment and rejuvenation and we need to relax  our hearts more and more in order to receive the transmission.
So, for our part, the requirement for personal practice, and for encouraging  each other in our connection is ever more important  as the Hua Gong energy continues to evolve.

To help us with this there are two links to You Tube footage from the Advanced Hua Gong Forms retreat on this newsletter. These are advanced Shen practices, (Shen means body Light), and as  Hua Gong students we will be able to benefit. One is a more active form, and the other is more meditative. The transmission is very strong and we are encouraged to practice as much as we can.
This platform is for Hua Gong students at this time, and not for the general public so you will need the links to access them.

Calligraphy of the Month



Dong / Winter 
Winter is a time of conservation.  The original Chinese image of Winter shows people shelter safely and deeply in the house.  
This calligraphy image conveys the impression of chilling wind and icy snow, and the frozen scenes of the winter.  It might make us feel chilled which is exactly what we don't want in this cold season.  Therefore It reminds us to cover well - wearing warm clothes, and to shelter well - being more cautious of going out.  It also implies that we should conserve our inner energy well and be less active. The old doctrine of long life practice would advise stopping active sexual life in the winter months - just an example to show how cautious one can get.  
Have a warm and cozy winter!  
Dates for the Diary
New Moon Meditation
Date: November 29th 11pm-1am
Tune in with Zhixing and all Hua Gong students to an Internal Alchemy meditation on the new moon.
Updated Hua Gong
Date: Dec 3-4
Join us for the last weekend of 2016.  Qi transmission, and teaching on connection to the cosmic Qi given by Zhixing.  Expect to feel fitter and more energised as a result.

Sword Practice Group 6pm-7.30pm
Party Time
Sunday Dec 4th,  4pm-6pm
Please bring a little offering to share.  There will be a talk on portends for the year ahead, hot food,  Blessed Puerh and amazing joie de vivre.  It is always a fun time to catch up if you are not attending the weekend, and it will finish with a Sword demonstration.  Lunch break will of course be   shorter on the day.

Winter Solstice Meditation
Dec 21st
Join Zhixing in an Internal Alchemy meditation between 11pm and 1am, a separate newsflash will be sent closer to the date.

Over to You
We finish this Newsletter with a poem entitled " Sword Incarnation".  As ever, the poetic and artistic aspects of the practice come to the fore and we are thankful for student's offering of their inspiration and dedication.
   Sword Incarnation
All the softness of the morning  
     A meditation of tranquil greens
                  as I drive the tree-lined path to our hall of swords
  it stays with me, so soft
                  my body like a sponge of gentle chi
                  I pick up the sword, it is still there, slowly, quietly, talking
                  then I enter the forms, messages from everywhere
                  inside and out
                  suddenly I feel the tightening
                  ah! a life misspent, a life leading to this point
                 and I see my history, written here in this body
        this oh so ancient vessel
        lifetime after lifetime
           it has carried me here
                and then it is that my heart speaks
                       and then it is, in that moment,
                                       that I know love                     
Chris Wilkinson

Thank you Chris for that inspiring poem coming from your  love of  Qi Sword...truly beautiful.

That's it for you

May we take this opportunity to wish you an ever unfolding and successful practice,  and all the happiness of the festive season ahead.
From all of us at
The Dao Hua School, Chinese Heritage
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