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The Year of the Snake

Greetings Subscriber 
The round of the year moves on and we find the Winter Solstice and the end of the year approaching fast.  The great blessing of the Prenatal Qi, which is at the heart  of Hua Gong helps us to appreciate our lives with joy, optimism and lightness and is there when we practice and become connected.  We become nourished and revitalised.

We have just returned from a Qi Sword retreat which helped us to experience uprightness, fitness and a sense of poetry and beauty. The unique ability of the Qi Sword is to bring out latent qualities and promote fitness, and can also be likened to advanced Qi Yoga. 

Our traditional end of year party is on Sunday the 8th of December, from 4pm to 6pm.  We will also take the opportunity there to perform a Sword demonstration and you will be able to know this magical transmission which has to be experienced.  
Please bring bring family and friends; we are looking forward to seeing you there.

The Qi Calligraphy posted by Zhixing this month is called Xian..An Immortal


Xian: An Immortal
"It is believed that realized Daoist masters ascend to a beautiful heavenly world with palaces in cloudy mountains enjoying life forever.  A dream that is deeply desirable to a human heart.  In real life those who have mastered the art of health and happiness are living immortals. 
To maintain good health and a joyful state of mind in what can be a hectic life is at the heart of the teachings of the Daoist masters."
Please tune in to the Calligraphy, as it is Qi infused and can begin to awaken and circulate your Qi.  The best way to do this is to be in a relaxed open state,  imagine it is looking at you, and respond naturally as your energy awakens.

Important dates for your Diary
London Weekend 7-8 December

Party Time
From 4-6 pm on Sunday the 8th of December.

Winter Solstice Meditation 21st December
Join Zhixing and students from around the world between 11pm and 1 am on the 21st of December, in an Internal Alchemy meditation. 

Dates 2014

11th-12th: London Weekend
11th: 6-8pm Sword Practice

1st-2nd: London Weekend
1st: 6-8pm Sword Practice

1st-2nd: London Weekend
1st: 6-8pm Sword Practice

17th-23rd: Parmoor, Henley-on-Thames: Fundamental Hua Gong Forms
27th-30th: Norway Retreat

5th-6th: London Weekend
5th: 6-8pm Sword Practice

12th-13th: Devon Weekend

3rd-4th: London Weekend
3rd: 6-8pm Sword Practice

10th-16th: Devon: Qi Sword

7th-8th: London Weekend
7th: 6-8pm Sword Practice

5th-6th: London Weekend
5th: 6-8pm Sword Practice

17th-23rd: Worth: Five Animals
24th-30th: Worth: Turtle & Snake

2nd-3rd: London Weekend
2nd: 6-8pm Sword Practice

4th-10th: Worth: Meditation R/Journey and I/Alchemy
11th-17th: Worth:  Meditation R/Journey and I/Alchemy

6th-7th: London Weekend
6th: 6-8pm Sword Practice

15th-23rd: Devon: Cloudy Dragon

4th-5th: London Weekend
4th: 6-8pm Sword Practice

13th-21st: Parmoor, Henley-on-Thames:  Advanced Hua Gong Forms
25th-26th: Devon Weekend  

1st-2nd: London Weekend
1st: 6-8pm Sword Practice

6th-9th Norway Retreat

6th-7th: London Weekend
6th: 6-8pm Sword Practice

 Have a wonderful month of Hua Gong practice and connection, and we wish you and your loved ones the Blessings of the Season of Goodwill!
From all of us at Chinese Heritage.

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