Centre your energy to the Dantian and retrieve lost energy.
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Retreats 2014 
Hua Gong Forms

Q1 Sword
May 10-16   Devon

Five Animals
Jul 17-23  Worth, Sussex

Turtle & Snake
Jul 24-30  Worth, Sussex

Int Alchemy/Return Journey
Aug 4-10 Worth, Sussex

Int Alchemy/Return Journey
Aug 11-17  Worth, Sussex

Sept Cloudy Dragon

Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Oct 13-21   St katharines of Parmoor

Precious Teas

Bi Luo Chun
Dragons Well
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The Year of the Horse

                                                                          May 2014

Greetings Subscriber 

All of the resources in Hua Gong including the Qi Calligraphy images in these Newsletters function as a Transmission.  Transmission means to empower, and to empower in this context means to  pass on the energy experience.  
Ordinarily this kind of experience in the Qigong tradition would take many years of practice to achieve, but with Transmission we can share the same energy experience very quickly.
Zhixing often likens the passing on of this kind of information to a sort of software or programme being set up in our consciousness.

  "If we truly receive the teachings and learn the method, we will receive the empowerment and the unique information which is linked to this tradition". 

Below is a Qi Calligraphy image from Zhixing and some words of wisdom for the month of May.
As usual it is advisable to meditate on the image and respond naturally to any energetic effects.

"Dantian is the centre of the body and energy.  It is mostly described in Qigong books as being the cavity two or three fingers below the navel and into the abdomen.  It is easy to find the physical location of it, but if the energy is off centre there will be leakage and weakness.  
To centre the Qi to the Dantian the body needs to open up, to let go of the "stuffy" energy (like smoke), and to re-collect the dispersed energy (like fire).  
This image in the picture shows an openness at the centre, and in the whole structure of the character.  
Relating this image to the Dantian of your own body can have the effect of centering your Qi back to the Dantian".

Important Dates for your Diary
London Weekend 
May 3-4 Fundamental Hua Gong
Venue: St Charles 6th Form College, St Charles Square W10 6EY

Sword Practice
Saturday 5.30pm-7.30pm at the London Weekend.
Practice, observe and absorb the Qi; the Sword connects us to a dynamic yet graceful state of being and profound strength and joy in our body's expression of the art.

Qi Sword Retreat
May 10-16
Dartington, Devon.

This is another opportunity to connect to and embody the power of the Qi Sword; a sense of uprightness, balance, physical transformation of the body and a joy in bodily expression!

 Connect to the mystical and heroic inner tradition of the Sword and emerge stronger, more streamlined and more graceful.  Compelling in its beauty of expression, yet strongly transforming; therein lies the challenge!  It is always notable how quickly new students to the practice learn the form.

If you would like to attend please contact 

Hua GongWeekend in Dartington, Devon

Presence in Body, Mind and Energy               June 7-8th

Learning how to be truly present with our body, mind and energy, leads to a lively and strong body. Through both being still and moving with stability helping to minimise the habits of anticipating, resisting and fear.

Contact: Brad Richecoeur  Qigong Southwest

We wish you a wonderful month of May full of practice and great Qi Energy!

From all of us at Chinese Heritage


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