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Qigong Southwest

Ba - Gua Qigong 

Oct 8-9
Llanidloes, Wales

5 Animals 

Date: Oct 24-30 
Seale Hayne, Newton Abbott, Devon

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Qigong Southwest


As early Autumn approaches and Nature seems to be holding her breath....
With the leaves on some trees just beginning to show a russet hue, we also notice that the vibrant Yang Qi is beginning to weaken and soon will be the Autumn Equinox and the Harvest Moon Festival. 

As the Yin time of the year approaches our thoughts turn once again to our Hua Gong practices to strengthen our life force.

At the London Weekends Zhixing has been teaching the Shen (Body Light) practices for focusing the energy and strengthening the physical body. The new advanced Fundamental Shen Walking is one practice which we are all finding very energising if not a little challenging too!

Inspiration from a recent Hua Gong class
In the Daoist philosophy  human life is often compared to a Candle.  Physically, in the beginning all is working well and in order. But what happens when the flame begins to flicker wildly? 
The light begins to deviate from the centre and the physical structure of the candle begins to break down. 

As with the human body the Light is the Shen (the essential part of our energy); the Flame is the Qi (Fire); the wax can be compared to the Jing (the realised watery essence of the body).  The candle appears to be solid, but when the energy is shaken the Light deviates off centre, the Qi follows,and eventually the structure breaks down. 

We must safeguard our Light and ensure it is not blown about by disturbing forces.  This is the focus of all our Hua Gong training.

When we practise Internal Alchemy at first, we find we are unable to centre the energy easily.  We may think we can do so, but it is not easy to achieve.
For one thing we do not have the focused mental power to direct the energy.

  Zhixing explains that this is because there is a sort of "split" between deep consciousness (Shen) and the surface consciousness (Mind).  Gradually as we do our physical and meditation practices to centre the energy, we begin to strengthen our mental power, and cultivate our Shen. 
Then our efforts will be successful, our life force will be enhanced and the way will open before us....

Forthcoming Dates for Your Diary
Sept 2nd, Sept 30th: Internal Alchemy Meditation London
An opportunity to learn this ancient Daoist practice in a small group. There is a DVD available to supplement your practice. Please ring or email if you wish to register for this class.

London Hua Gong Weekend:
Sept 3-4, Oct 1-2: A chance to receive Qi Transmission and Initiation with Zhixing).  The Fundamental Forms for Healing DVD is available to supplement our practice.

Small Group Class Saturday Sept 3rd
There are still spaces available for this forthcoming weekend.  Please ring or email to register.

Sept 8-11  Weekend Norway

Sept 19-27 Cloudy Dragon    Northampton
Oct 24-30   5 Animals    Devon
Nov 7-15  Turtle & Snake   Parmoor Oxon

October 8-9 Wales   Ba Gua with Zhendi
Oct 15-16, Dec 17-18: Qigong for Beauty and Rejuvenation

A new course devised by Zhendi for female students. Aims to improve physical appearance, health and vital energy.


For all enquiries or to book on any of these courses

Green Teas

The premiun Green Teas available to our students at present are:
  • Bi Luo Chun: A premium quality precious Green Tea, excellent for detoxification and restoring kidney energy.
  • Dragons Well: A premium quality Green Tea excellent for meditation and for opening the central channel. It has all the usual benefits of Green tea, excellent for the digestive system and for purifying the blood.
  • Puerh: This is the "Information" Puerh, excellent for high energy and good circulation. Also so nourishing in the cold weather.
  • Iron Guan Yin: For the digestive system, blood purification and energising.

For Bookings & to contact Chinese Heritage

Email catherine@chineseheritage.co.uk
Tel. 0845 055 3666

Have a wonderful month as we welcome the turning of the seasons  once more

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