The Yi Jing and the year of the Snake
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April 13-14  Qi Sword
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To be taken by those who have already attended a retreat with Zhixing.
Please book in advance as space limited

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Year of the Water Snake

Greetings Subscriber 

Wisdom from the Yi Jing informs us that a year of the Water Snake  will auger changes in consciousness within humanity moving to a more spiritual stance.  It seems that some  pursuits  and many mindless distractions are in the process of being replaced by something deeper. 

A need for more connection to what really matters is arising, and it seems there will be a focus on and an ability to increase the positive energy in our daily lives.  Issues long hidden will come to  light to be transformed and justice and rebalancing will ensue.  

In Hua Gong the practice is always about connection to and nourishment from the source of all Life.  The effect as described by Zhixing is "like watering a plant".  

The Fundamental Movement acts as a code to activate our connection to the Cosmic Qi and to nourish us.
Indeed just by doing it we are always nourished, and many of us report the myriad benefits of regular practice of the Hua Gong Framework.

The Qi Calligraphy for this month is aptly entitled "Snake".  A good way to tune into the energy of the Qi Calligraphy is to imagine that it is looking at us as we are looking at it.  We then need to respond to the possible effects. 


Snake: " With this character I wish you longevity, balance, harmony, potency and suppleness (meaning full of liveliness), which are the symbolic meanings of the snake, in the year of the Snake!".

Important Dates for your Diary
March 2-3 London Updated Hua Gong Weekend
April  6-7  London Updated Hua Gong Weekend
March 24-30  The Fundamental Hua Gong Forms Retreat at St Katharine's of Parmmor.

April 13-14 Qi Sword (only for those who have done retreat, and needs to be booked in advance)

The London Weekends Updated Hua Gong
These weekends offer the most updated Hua Gong methods and is the most regular Hua Gong class available.  Over more than twenty years it has created a place to connect to and tune in to the cosmic Qi-prenatal life energy and information from which we receive life nourishment and spiritual inspiration.  

Most of the discoveries through the way of Hua Gong on the human body and energy, on health and illness, on rejuvenation and longevity and on spirituality have been shared in these weekends.It provides the most detailed Hia Gong teachings on the fundamental level and represents the most updated Hua Gong transmission  in terms of the "Qi field" (overall sensation or experience of the energy effects in the group), techniques and information.

Small Group Classes at the London Weekend
From a Learning aspect these classes provide a chance to receive the results or accomplishment of the Qigong practice directly through personal empowerment-the recharge of energy and information.
From a Health point of view it is an opportunity to receive a personal Qi treatment and to stay in the Qi field for a period of time to consolidate the good effects.
The benefit of personal transmission or Qi treatment session has often been experienced as being more beneficial than months even years of Qigong practice on one's own.

Retreats 2013
St Katharine's of Parmoor,  Henley on Thames
March 24-30
 Fundamental Hua Gong Forms-focusing on the Jing and Qi Level
 Sept 19-28  
Turtle & Snake -Intermediate level Hua Gong focusing on aligning the bone structure
 Oct 22-31 
Cloudy Dragon - advanced Hua Gong to reinforce and express practices on all levels

Seale Hayne, Newton Abbott
May 7-13
5 Animals-Fundamental level Hua Gong focusing on empowering the Jing, Qi and Shen
Nov 18-24
Qi Sword and Qi Calligraphy - artistic Hua Gong to strengthen and enjoy.

Worth Abbey, East Sussex - Internal Alchemy 123 (any week may be attended)
 July 25-31
Internal Alchemy 1-initial level meditation working on opening Qi cavities, cosmic circulation
August 5-11
Internal Alchemy 2 - medium level meditation
August 12-18
Internal Alchemy 3 - advanced level meditation on aligning and merging the human state and cosmic state.

"The Dao is near and straightforward while people often search elsewhere for complicated solutions"
 (Lao Zi)

Have a wonderful month of March full of vital energy and great connection
From all of us at Chinese Heritage

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