"This focus from the Learning point of view  is to receive the Gong - result...
From the Healing point of view it is to receive a personal Qi treatment"..

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January 2011

Happy New Year to one and all! 
As the dawn of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit approaches.
This is the commencement of the next decade, and seeds sown at this time will bear fruit in due course.

The Element scene now is that  of water running in a cold and icy earth. We are advised to do the  Hua Gong exercises that ignite the Qi, download the stagnant energy and warm the body.  The fundamental movements of slapping, rubbing and shaking all awaken the Qi and encourage the blood circulation, thus bringing extra energy to the body and  kidney area. For those of us who meditate the Dantian meditation will warm up the lower abdomen, and will produce Yin Qi,  so necessary for revitalization, rejuvenation and persistent energy.

Further, imagining a red spot in the lower abdomen will also strengthen this area.  This internal energy cultivation is a treasure for the body during the cold month of January when our vital reserves are called on.

We are  also advised to do the Digestive exercises as the Qi energy is rather stagnant at this time.  This exercise helps to convert food into  energy, and eliminates smoky stale Qi from the body. 
The caution here is to build up  our reserve of vital sparkling Qi and we will indeed be well nourished and protected during the winter months.

Focus for 2011

Zhixing says that there will be a significant change in the emphasis of the teaching and practice in 2011.  While in the past the practice has been focused on learning the way the teachers have experienced to obtain their state of health, skills and knowledge; the focus this year will be on achieving the essential qualities and results one should achieve, through following the way.

Zhixing has described this effect as a basic”setup”. This will enable new students to start their practice on a high ground, and for experienced students to accomplish higher level achievements that are difficult to accomplish through self practice.

The way of obtaining this goal will be through direct transmission and result focused methods, with a clear vision. The process of the practice will be illustrated through the book of Yi Jing and visual images.

London Weekends

Venue: St Charles 6th Form College St Charles Square W10 6EY.

Qigong for Beauty and Rejuvenation with Zhendi

This system of Qigong is based on Zhendis best seller Qigong Techniques for Beauty (1989, Min Zhu Press, China). Results of this practice include improved physical appearance, body re-shaping and weight control, improved health and sexual energy to name but a few.  As with all other Hua Gong practices, initiation and information makes this set of practices easy to learn and to remember, demanding little physical strength, regardless of age and health condition.The effect is quick and obvious.  Once learned and practiced daily, one should be able to regain a youthful and healthy appearance in a fairly short period of time.

Dates:   Feb 19-20    April 16-17     June 18-19
Aug 20-21     Oct 15-16       Dec  17-18

Time: 10am-5pm

Fundamental Hua Gong Forms Weekends

Dates:  Jan 8-9      Feb 5-6       March 5-6   
April 2-3     May 7-8     June 4-5   
July 2-3      Aug 6-7      Sept 3-4
Oct 1-2        Nov 5-6       Dec 3-4

Time: 10am-5pm

Personal Healing and Transmission

This Saturday evening class with a small group of up to 8 people provides a chance of receiving personal transmission from the teacher in a collective energy field.  From the Learning point of view it is to receive the Gong-result or accomplishment of the Qigong practice directly through personal empowerment, energy information and recharging of energy.  
From the Healing point of view it is to receive a personal Qi treatment and to remain in the Qi Field for a longer time than in a private session.  The effect of a Qi treatment has often been described as life saving, or life reviving.  The power of personal transmission is often experienced as being more beneficial than years of Qigong practice on ones own.
Saturday evening (small group 8 people). You need to pre- book a place on this one.
Dates: As above  
Time: 6pm-9pm

Internal Alchemy Meditation

An ancient Daoist practice for rejuvenation and longevity.  For those who wish to develop in this practice a DVD called the Dantian Meditation is available.
This class is held by Zhixing on the Friday before a London Weekend.  This present series will conclude in June 2011.
Date: Jan 7 
Time: 7.30-9pm

Ba-Gua Weekends for projecting Qi energy with Zhendi

May 14-15     Oct 8-9
Venue: to be announced

Paris Weekends

Feb  19-20               Mar 26-27    
April 30-May 1      June 25-26

Norway Weekends 

Dates:    May 12-15   &   Sep 8-11

Trip to China 

Apr 18-30   Further details to be announced

Chinese Heritage Retreats 

    * March 10-16    Hua Forms   Parmoor    Henley-on-Thames
    * May 23-29     Qi Sword          Seale Hayne  Devon
    * July 7-13      Internal Alchemy   Worth Abbey Sussex
    * July 20-26     Return Journey     Worth Abbey Sussex
    * Aug 15-23      Qi Calligraphy   Parmoor  Henley-on-Thames
     *Sept 19-27     Cloudy Dragon Venue to be announced
    * Oct 24-30      5 Animals          Seale Hayne Devon
    * Nov 7-15       Turtle & Snake     Parmoor Henley-on-Thames

Green Teas

The teas available for our students at present are:
    •    Bi Luo Chun: a premium quality precious Green Tea, excellent for detoxification and restoring kidney energy.
    •    Dragons Well: A premium quality Green Tea excellent for meditation and for opening the central channel.  It has all the usual       benefits of Green tea, excellent for the digestive system and for purifying the blood.
    •    Puerh:  This is the "Information" Puerh, excellent for high energy and good circulation.  Also so nourishing in the cold weather.
    •    Iron Guan Yin: for the digestive system, blood purification and energising.

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Here's wishing you a bountiful and happy new year full of good Qi and accomplishment!
From all of us at Chinese Heritage

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