Theme for November  "Fragrance" The Breath of Life

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Hua Gong Weekends
London 2012
Dec 1-2

Hua Gong Weekends
London 2013

Jan 19-20, Feb 2-3
Mar 2-3, April 6-7
May 4-5, June 1-2
July 6-7, Aug 3-4
Sept 7-8, Oct 5-6
Nov 2-3, Dec 7-8

Class in Small Group
Saturday evenings of the London weekends
Tim: 6-9pm

Norway Weekends 2012
Turtle Gong
Nov 8-11

Devon Weekends 2013
Feb 23-24
June 29-30

October 12-13


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Bi Luo Chun
Meng Ding
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The Year of the Dragon

Greetings Subscriber 
Some of us  have just returned from a wonderful Turtle & Snake retreat at St Katharine's's of Parmoor, which provided a chance to be aligned become fitter and more energised.   There is a poem by Zhixing at the end of this newsletter which captures some of the energy and philosophy of this practice.  Enjoy!

Below is a Calligraphy for us to meditate on this month.  For those of us new to the practice, the Qi calligraphy is a potent and very important way of accessing energy and information, and for helping us to connect to the Hua Gong energy.  

We are advised to meditate on the image, as if the image is staring at us and sense the possible changes in our breathing and in our capacity for breathing. 
We need to "breathe fresh air, rather than recycle stale air continuously" and the image below will help with this.   Please see below Zhixing's words of explanation.

Fragrance: " The purest light is invisible transparency.  The purest fragrance is odour less fresh air.  Just like pure light can manifest in various colours, such as when a rainbow appears, so pure fresh air can also give out a fragrance. 
The original "Breath of Life" is like a thin thread of fresh air hidden deep in the body.  Breathe in fresh air from the outside to meet the fresh air inside.  Let the postnatal and prenatal breath of life meet.
This is the way of life nourishing breathing."

Important Dates for your Diary
Nov 8-11 Turtle Gong Norway:  Focusing on aligning the spine and the hips and connecting us to the timeless energy of this Gong.
December 1-2 Fundamental Hua Gong Forms  London: Emphasis on Internal Alchemy and external Expression.

The London Hua Gong Weekends 2012
The London Hua Gong monthly weekends will continue to transmit the cosmic Qi-the life nourishing energy described in the classical literature as "Mother Nature's Milk", and to "live broadcast" spiritual information.  
This is like receiving direct instructions from the Dao of Nature, and we continue to get closer to the standards required by the practice and continue to refine our skills as practitioners.

Retreats 2013

St katharine's of Parmoor, Henley-on-Thames

March 24-30  Hua Gong Forms
Sept 19-28      Turtle & Snake
Oct 22-31        Cloudy Dragon

Seale Hayne  Newton Abbott, Devon
May 7-13 5   Animals
Nov 18-24     Qi Sword and Qi Calligraphy

Worth, East Sussec
July 25-31, August 5-11, August 12-18   Comprehensive Hua Gong

Hua Gong Story Time

Poetry from the Turtle & Snake retreat by Zhixing October 2012

Master Turtle
I go inside to reach the outside
I don't calculate but know the future
I don't speak but listened to
I am slow but sure
I die shortly to live longer
I don't breathe  but full of air

I win a fight with no fight
My action is to stay put
Others show courage by daring to
My courage is shown in daring not

Those who dare may get killed
I am more likely to survive
I endure life for a thousand years
No other creature can achieve

Snake Wisdom
I move my tail before moving my head
I bend backward to go forward
I am slim and long
Yet circular and round

I curl so as to reach out
I withdraw before flat out
I am soft but full of force
I am legless but run fast


Happy Practicing!

From all of us at Chinese Heritage.
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