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Updated Hua Gong Weekends
London 2013

Oct 5-6
Nov 2-3, Dec 7-8

Fundamental Hua Gong Weekends

Nov 7-10

Fundamental Hua Gong Weekends

Oct 12-13 


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Iron Guan Yin
Bi Luo Chun

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The Year of the Water Snake

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The Autumnal air is sharper and crisper and early morning mists remind us of the magic of nature.  The Harvest Moon festival has passed and we enter deeper into the Yin time of the year, a time of introspection and letting go.
"In ancient times the people who understood Tao (the way of self cultivation) patterned themselves on the Yin and the Yang (the two principles in nature) and they lived in harmony..." (the Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine).
So too with our practice of Hua Gong do we also aim to align ourselves with those great currents in the cosmos which are the seasons.
Below is a Calligraphy from Zhixing and some advice too.    

Gui She: Turtle & Snake
"The autumn is here and the winter is not far. It is a time to cover warmly and conserve our energy. Turtle and Snake are masters of conservation, endurance and longevity. We have a lot to learn from them. Be still in motion and repose. Be centered before taking action. Be supple encountering hardship. Are they talking to us?!"

As always we remind ourselves that the best way to benefit from the Qi Calligraphy is to imagine that it is looking at us and to respond to it naturally as we feel inspired. .
Important Dates for your Diary
London Updated Hua Gong Forms
October 5-6 
November 2-3

Devon Fundamental Hua Gong
October 12-13

Norway Updated Hua Gong
November 7-10

October 22-31  Cloudy Dragon at St Katharine's of Parmoor

The London Hua Gong Weekends 2013
.The London monthly Hua Gong weekend course is the most regular and systematic Hua Gong class available.

Over more than twenty years, it has created a place to connect and tune to the cosmic Qi -- prenatal life energy and information from which we receive life nourishment and spiritual inspiration.

Most of the discoveries through the way of Hua Gong on the human body and energy, on health and illness, on rejuvenation and longevity, and on spirituality have been shared in these weekends. 

It provides the most detailed Hua Gong teachings on the fundamental level and represents the most updated Hua Gong transmission in terms of the ‘Qi field’ (the overall sensation or experience of the energy effects in the group), techniques and information.  
In this class, the focus is simple yet profound: Internally we cultivate the Dan – the highly concentrated Qi energy that can be experienced as a bright pearl rotating in the body, and externally we express inner beauty and power through artistic movements. 
The practice of doing so is like watering and nurturing our life from the root, leading to a flourishing life on all levels and aspects.   

Retreats 2013

October 22-31: Cloudy Dragon Advanced Level Henley-on-Thames
November 18-24: Qi Sword, Qi Calligraphy Artistic Hua Gong Devon

“The Dao is near and straight forward while people often search elsewhere for complicated solutions. “ (Lao Zi)

May we take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Autumn full of Qi, Strength and Inspiration!

From all of us at Chinese Heritage.
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