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Hua Gong Weekends
London 2012

Jan 14-15, Feb 4-5
Mar 3-4, Mar 31-April 1
May 5-6, June 2-3
June 30-July 1
Sept 1-2, Oct 6-7
Nov3-4, Dec 1-2

Class in Small Group
Saturday evenings of the London weekends
Tim: 6-9pm

Norway Weekends
Snake Gong

March 15-18
Turtle Gong
Nov 8-11

Devon Weekends
5 Animals

June 16-17
Hua Forms
October 13-14


Green Teas available
Iron Guan Yin for Yang Qi
Bi Luo Chun for Yin Qi
Jasmine Tea for relaxation

Please contact the office for details.

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The Year of the Dragon

Greetings Subscriber 
As we welcome the Spring , brighter days and the uprising Qi energy.  Please note beacause of the festival of Easter the next London weekend is on 31st March - April 1st.
With these recent wonderful misty mornings and the beauty of nature all about we call to mind a wonderful piece of poetry from the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine:
""The three months of Spring they denote effusion and spreading , Heaven and Earth together generate life, and the myriad beings flourish. Move through the courtyard with long strides, loosen your hair and relax the physical appearance, thereby causing the mind to orient itself on life."
The emphasis at the London weekends has been on drawing scattered energy back into the body, aligning ourselves to heaven and earth and opening the central channel. 
Zhixing is leading us through standing and walking exercises to connect to the earth,  download  "dusty" energy and receive pure clean Qi in return as we "give in" to the earth.

To further aid us in our practice this month Zhixing has given us a Calligraphy on the cultivation of the "Pearl of lLght".  Below are his words.

 "Above is the image of the Calligraphy of the "Dan".  This means the "Elixir" the "Medicine Pill", the "Pearl of Light".  The essential achievement in Qigong practice on an energetic level is to achieve the pearl of light, which is compared to an elixir in Alchemy and Medicine.  This highly concentrated energy can be experienced as a pearl of light or a ball of light in the state of meditation.
Cultivating the Dan is at the centre of all internal Qigong practice.  The Hua Gong Forms retreat is focused on the fundamental paractice for cultivating the Dan. 
The Internal Alchemy meditation directly works on producing the Dan in our practice"

Important Dates for your Diary

Qi Sword Retreats Seale Hayne, Devon April 17-23, April24-30

The first week will focus on learning and refining the practice of the basic Hua Gong sword form which is as challenging as it is rewarding, and as beautiful as it is beneficial. The main part of the form as it is known now will taught without the last section which requires more advanced skill to do. It is essential to feel the Qi through the sword in doing the form.

The second week will continue with the whole form as it is, and also learn yet another part of the form which is unfolding continually.  However, the real focus will be on developing the true quality and skill of Hua style sword play, which is to emit  a Qi Field around the body, which is a higher ability than simply feeling the Qi with the sword.
This increases the energy level of the practitioner enormously and manifests a skill  where no one can approach you aggressively. This requires standing and moving with the sword until an empty state of body, mind and energy is achieved.
 Dancing or fighting with a partner or opponent will be an essential part of the practice on this level. So far among all practitioners of the Hua Gong Qi Sword, hardly anybody is truly able to play the sword on this level, therefore it should be a most needed as skill for sword practitioners to develop. 
Many of us who have attended the Qi Sword before have experiencd the transformative power of this practice. 


The London Hua Gong Weekends 2012
Theme:  Internal Alchemy and External Expression
London Weekend March 31st-April1st
The London Hua Gong monthly weekends will continue to transmit the cosmic Qi-the life nourishing energy described in the classical literature as "Mother Nature's Milk", and to "live broadcast" spiritual information.  
This is like receiving direct instructions from the Dao of Nature, and we continue to get closer to the standards required by the practice and continue to refine our skills as practitioners.

Retreats 2012
March 25-30   Hua Gong Forms  Henley-on-Thames
April 17-23       Qi Sword   Devon
April 24-30    Qi Sword     Devon
August 2-15     Comprehensive Hua Gong Worth Abbey
 (Week 1 to be attended before Week 2 
(This retreat is divided into 2 separate weeks of 6 days
August 2-8, 9-15)
August 16-22  Qi Calligraphy  Worth abbey Sussex
September 16-25  Cloudy Dragon  Henley-on Thames
October 27-Nov 2  Turtle & Snake Henley-on-Thames

Qigong Story Time
Many of us students of Hua Gong have experienced the power of Qi Calligraphy, the Feng Shui effect, and the positive effects it can have simply by being in the room we are practising in.  Below is a story from a student about the effect of his Calligraphy on people who were not students of Hua Gong and therefore have no knowledge of the concept of Qi Calligraphy.

" I had put Zhixing's Calligraphy which came into my posession in 2001 in the living room of my London Flat.  Last year I put the flat out for rental to a prefessional couple, and knowingly and deliberately left the Calligraphy hanging on the wall.  To my way of thinking  I wanted it to protect the flat and "hold the energy".
While visiting my tenants one year after they had moved in, I was asked by them if I was aware of any meditation groups nearby.  On checking why they had asked me this their reply was "when we are in the living room we feel it is very calm and peaceful and we feel like meditating"

Jeremy March 2012 



Have a wonderful season of Spring and strengthening Qi energy
From all of us at Chinese Heritage.
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