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Greetings to all

How time has flown by, and the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year has already passed!
The last Sword retreat at Seale Hayne was the most exciting and successful yet.  Congratulations to all the new students who attended; they seemed to master the form so quickly, and one could literally see within a few days the changing of body shapes and the visible rejuvenation.  What a joy to be able to reconnect to our true potential!

Zhixing has said that this retreat is the most physically transformative and with this practice "we cannot hide".  We simply have to open up to meet the quality of the Sword and we need to embody and accommodate it.  This practice enhances our personal Qi field and and amplifies our positive signals in the cosmos.

Lastly, we have to be empowered and healed to do this practice well, and to "be as fit as the Sword is to be very fit".  Eventually we become graceful, organized, and powerful, and the true embodiment of the Sword quality is shown in our presence.


Theme from the June Qigong Weekend 

We can strengthen our Connection to the Source

The Hua Gong practice is not only about doing exercises and meditations, it is much more than that and is essentially about making a good connection to our source , our root of life.  When we cannot connect well we really cannot experience what we are truly capable of. 
Like a mobile phone which has lost its signal we are not fully functioning human beings and we are unable to realize our true potential.  We may be able to do many functions, but the clear connection to the heavenly cosmic energy, information and guidance is not fully possible. 
We need to recognize that that it is not so difficult to re-establish our connection.   The Blessing Card and all the different methods we use in Hua Gong amplify our positive signals and enable us to connect and to stay in tune with the Cosmic Qi. 
Initially with the practice we learn the basic way of becoming connected, and indeed often when many of our students began the practice they were already largely cut off without realising it.  Often and unknowingly, their real nature and potential had changed. 

With initiation and practice the more the link is established and the more advanced we become.  When we have achieved increased energy levels, good health and a sense of being guided and informed, we know we are truly in connection and we can sustain it in the most difficult of circumstances.
This is the essential idea of the practice, and the reality is that it is also very sophisticated, interesting and enjoyable too...

Women's Group
Qigong for Beauty and Rejuvenation June 18-19

This was a wonderfully focused weekend on Daoist rejuvenation practices for women.  Led by Zhendi we had an inspiring and energizing time and an opportunity for personal assessment. We also learned about the challenging energies of June the month of the "Wood Horse" (Chinese Lunar calendar)
Below are the  topics which were covered. 

Our aims this weekend were:

  1. To strengthen our kidneys and warm up our Ming Men (Gate of Life);
  2. Use the energy of the month to ignite the fire in the lower Dan-Tian;
  3. To regulate unbalanced Heart (Fire) energy;
  4. To Collect the Shen of the liver, kidneys and heart; particularly the Shen of the heart, which is the most dominant of the Five Shens.
  5. Practice Female internal Alchemy meditation where the Heart energy (fire) meets the Kidney energy (water);
  6. To open any blockages in the Heart Chakra to optimize breast health
  7. To deal with weight related problems by strengthening our Jing, Qi and Shen exercises..
  8. Special Digestion  and Slimming exercises;
  9. Breathing Exercises to open the three Dan-Tians, the middle and lower Dan-Tians are particularly blocked for most of middles age female practitioners.  it will be achieved by opening meridians in the front part of the body;
  10. Breathing Exercises for rejuvenating internal organs- this month especially for liver, heart and kidneys;
  11. Breathing Exercises for rejuvenating female sexual organs to increase Jing energy;
  12. Meditation for collecting Shen  

We finished that weekend more informed and inspired to take care of ourselves, and armed with our beautiful  and Qi energized pieces of Jade for stimulating energy points on the face and hands we felt well nourished indeed.
The next weekend with Zhendi is on August 20-21, and a main focus will be Female Internal Alchemy.  Please email Catherine if you wish to attend.

Forthcoming Dates for Your Diary

July 1st:  London Internal Alchemy Meditation Training.  Please email or ring if you would like more information.
An opportunity to learn this ancient Daoist practice in a small group. There is a DVD available to supplement your practice.

London Hua Gong Weekends:
July 2-3: A chance to receive Qi Transmission and Initiation with Zhixing
(The Small Saturday evening Focus group is booked until August)
August 6-7

July 7-13 Internal Alchemy Meditation
July 20-26 Return Journey Meditation
Spaces are still available and a separate Newsflash will be sent about these important meditation courses.

August 15-23 Qi Calligraphy

August 20-21 Qigong for Beauty and Rejuvenation with Zhendi
A new course devised by Zhendi for female students. Aims to improve physical appearance, health and vital energy.

Contact & Bookings:
Web: for more in depth information on the courses.

Green Teas

The teas available for our students at present are:
  • Bi Luo Chun: a premium quality precious Green Tea, excellent for detoxification and restoring kidney energy.
  • Dragons Well: A premium quality Green Tea excellent for meditation and for opening the central channel. It has all the usual benefits of Green tea, excellent for the digestive system and for purifying the blood.
  • Puerh: This is the "Information" Puerh, excellent for high energy and good circulation. Also so nourishing in the cold weather.
  • Iron Guan Yin:for the digestive system, blood purification and energising.



Have a wonderful Summer full of joy and good practice!
From all of us at Chinese Heritage

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