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Q1 Sword
May 10-16   Devon

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Jul 17-23  Worth, Sussex

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Jul 24-30  Worth, Sussex

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Aug 4-10 Worth, Sussex

Int Alchemy/Return Journey
Aug 11-17  Worth, Sussex

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Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Oct 13-21   St katharines of Parmoor
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The Qi Sword will be held this year at Dartington which is a beautiful venue with outdoor space, and with good weather permitting we will practice under the sun!.

"To be able to move artistically and beautifully, we have to open ourselves from a deep level.  Our Qi channels have to open and our tendons and ligaments have to transform.  Our body has to coordinate and readjust. 
Moving with the sword, our system becomes balanced, our body becomes supple and our strength increases.  Mentally we feel more confident, upright and fearless.  Qi Sword is a perfect combination of art and healing"


In the Hua Gong system the Sword has its unique qualities:
1. It embodies the spirit of the magical heroic and martial tradition.  It promotes good qualities such as uprightness, bravery and grace. 
2. It is the most expressive practice in the Hua Gong methods. One cannot fully experience the enjoyment of Hua gong  practice until one has  learned to play the Qi sword. 
3. It is the most testing part of the Hua Gong practice. Weaknesses and mistakes show up more than with any other of the Hua Gong practices. Therefore it is the most challenging and reflective practice in which one has to keep on correcting and improving.  This gives one the chance of faster physical and energetic transformation.

Though it can be physically demanding, with the uplift of the Qi transmission the Sword practice opens us up more and more as our fitness increases, and it is often quite astounding to see the progress that new students make.

Please get in touch if you would like to attend.

Date: May 10-16
Venue: Dartington hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EN
Swords: A Sword will be available to practice with.
For further information please contact:

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