Joy and Freedom; a state of non attachment
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Weekends 2014

Updated Hua Gong Forms

Jan 11-12, Feb1-2
Mar 1-2. Apr 5-6
May 3-4, May31 June 1
July 5-6, Aug 2-3,
Sept 6-7. Oct 4-5, 
Nov 1-2, Dec 6-7

Apr 12-13
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Oct 25-26

Mar 27-30
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Retreats 2014 
Fundamental Hua Gong Forms

Mar 17-23  St Katharines of Parmoor

Q1 Sword
May 10-16   Devon

Five Animals
Jul 17-23  Worth, Sussex

Turtle & Snake
Jul 24-30  Worth, Sussex

Int Alchemy/Return Journey
Aug 4-10 Worth, Sussex

Int Alchemy/Return Journey
Aug 11-17  Worth, Sussex

 Cloudy Dragon
Oct 13-21 St Katharines of Parmoor

Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Nov 17-25   St Katharines of Parmoor

Green Tea

Iron Guan Yin
Bi Luo Chun

These teas are available to our students for purchase.

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Happy New Year

Greetings Subscriber 
and welcome to another year of Hua Gong practice and connection to the pre natal Qi.  As the Chinese New Year of the Horse approaches many of us may already sense the new dynamic energy it promises and the way forward it inspires.
 The seed of this undulating vibrant force seemed to be reflected  in the powerful Winter Solstice meditation, so we welcome the new year with renewed vigour and  anticipation.

"Internally we cultivate the Dan – the highly concentrated Qi energy that can be experienced as a bright pearl rotating in the body – through meditation, and externally we express inner beauty and power through artistic movements"
Zhixing reminds us this year, that this is at the core of our practice, and is one of the most important  accomplishments.
Below is a Qi Calligraphy from Zhixing to set the tone of the year.  As it was painted in a Qigong state the transmission of this energy can be achieved by gazing at the image and responding in your own way to the energetic effects.



Xiao Yao: Joy and Freedom
A concept in the Daoist tradition describing the state of non-attachment, freedom and joy. It is difficult even in Chinese to find an equivalent word that can explain what it means. Master Zhuang Zi used tales and images to illustrate the idea of Xiao Yao.  
The most impressive image is a giant eagle whirling upwards all the way to the sky above all earthly binds. A wandering daoist as free as floating clouds and wild cranes with no mundane obligations is another classical image illustrating this idea. 


Important Dates for your Diary
London Weekend

Updated Hua Gong Forms

Date: 11-12 January, February 1-2
Time: 9.30am-5pm 

Qi Sword Practice

Time: 6pm-8pm on the Saturday evening of any London Weekend.
This is one of the most dynamic, quickly transformative and artisitc practices in Hua Gong.  Zhixing may lead this practice some evenings.  Only those who have attended the retreat may attend and pre booking is essential as space is limited.

Chinese New Year Celebration during the London Weekend
Sunday February 2nd 1-3pm (luchtime)
You and your family and friends are welcome to attend the celebration of the Chinese New Year with  Zhixing and Zhendi and all Hua Gong students.  Good cheer, great energy, a Sword demonstration  and lots of Green Tea will be flowing.  Please bring along some food to share with others.

Once again we wish you and your loved ones a happy New Year and we look forward to a year of Hua Gong practice in the Year of the Horse.
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