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The Year of the Horse

September 2014


Greetings Subscriber 
The round of the year moves on and once again we are in the season of  Autumn and the Harvest Moon festival  and the Equinox approaches.  Entering into the more Yin part of the year we are reminded of our need for practice to accumulate our energy and for moderation in our activities.

In the Huan Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperors Inner Canon), Master Qi Bo states "One should go to bed early,stay away from the chilliness, get up early to appreciate the crisp air of Autumn, keep the spirit tranquil and stable to separate oneself from the sough of Autumn by means of restraining the spirit and energy internally, and guard the mind against anxiety and impetuosity.  In this way one's tranquility can be maintained even in the sough of Autumn's atmosphere and the breath of the Lung can be kept even as well."

We will celebrate the Harvest Moon festival together with Zhixing at lunchtime  (about 1pm) on Sunday the 7th of September.  You and your friends and family are most welcome to join us at a time when friends and family come together, and enjoy Moon Cakes the symbol of kinship. Please bring some food to share, and lots of good cheer!

Those of us who attended the last two Internal Alchemy retreats of the Summer know how profoundly healing and transformative they were.  

Below are two Qi Calligraphy's which Zhixing used for meditation during the retreats, and beneath is a poem by Zhixing which may help us to connect to the transmission of the Internal Alchemy, and the healing experience of the retreats.  
As always please tune in, in your own way both to receive the Qi Transmission and to activate your Qi.

The Master

The Meditator
Meditation with the Face
Whoever is watching
I feel your empowering
Whoever is caring
I feel your blessing

Whatever is shining
Give me enlightening
Whatever is pouring
Give me nourishing

Holy Spirit?-my true self
Guarding Angel? - my hidden baby
Protective God?-my inner strength
Spiritual Master?-my inner clarity

Projecting is reflecting
Separating is uniting
Outgoing is withdrawing
Giving is receiving

Between the water below and the light above
Is the Eye of the heart
It pulses love and passion
It beams joy and compassion

It knows more than the head
It breathes more than the nose
It feels more than the body
                             It sees more than the naked eyes.   

Dates for your Diary
Sept 6-7 London Weekend 
Sept 6 5.30pm-7.30pm Sword Practice
Oct 13-21 The Cloudy Dragon Retreat

Hua Gong in Devon 
Oct 25-26
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May the season of Autumn bring you and yours bright blessings and great Qi 
From all of us at Chinese Heritage

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