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Weekends 2016

Essential Hua Gong
July 2-3, Aug 6-7
Sept 10-11. Oct 1-2 
Nov 5-6-, Dec 3-4

New Moon Internal Alchemy Meditations
Time: 11pm-1am

July 4
Aug 2, Sept 1
Oct 1, Oct 30
Nov 29, Dec 29

Focused Hua Gong

Sept 24-25

Retreats 2016

Int Alchemy/Return Journey
Jul 14-22 Worth, Sussex

Int Alchemy/Return Journey
Jul 23-31  Worth, Sussex

Qi Calligraphy
Aug 31-Sept8   St Katharine,s of Parmoor

Turtle & Snake
Oct 17-25 St Katharine,s of Parmoor

Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Nov 7-15  St Katharine's of Parmoor

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The Year of the Red Fire Monkey

July 2016

Greetings Subscriber 
At a recent weekend Zhixing reminded us of the two most essential aspects in our Hua Gong practice.
One is to establish the spiritual connection to the prenatal Qi, the other is to charge up the body energy by cultivation (eg meditation, movement) and  by drawing back our  dispersed Qi.   Such leakage of life force occurs because of largely casual habits of moving, sitting, walking etc.resulting in stagnant Qi , or depletion of force.

For this reason we have a lot of courses and trainings  ranging from the simplest to the more sophisticated. But in essence they are all the same.  For when we do something very simple , such as the right hand gesture we "connect" and immediately feel different.  We have inserted a code and the Cosmic Qi responds.

 At the weekends we are continually trying to find the most simple and effective means to establish the connection to the Lifeline so as to recharge our energy.  During a longer time together as on a retreat we have an opportunity to build up  tremendous reserves  and so  overcome stagnant unmoving Qi and in the process to solve many problems.
The Spiritual "signal"aspect is more Heavenly Cosmic, but our energy needs to be charged up like a "battery", and this is more about connection to the Earth and "Earthly Nourishment".  Once our connection to the Lifeline  is set we are then open to receive nourishment from Mother Earth.

 As with a plant which has received watering, it will take a little while for us to respond and recharge with abundant energy, but we will, and we will be blessed and rejuvenated.

Qi Calligraphy of the Month
Please find below a Qi Calligraphy from Zhixing for us to meditate on.  It contains the "transmission"which makes it a live broadcast.  Tune in and respond naturally, it will help to activate your Qi, your life force.

Ye/He  Wild Crane
The Daoists often use poetic images to express their notion of freedom, detachment and inner joy.  Green mountains, running water, floating clouds, flying birds etc .  These images set our imagination soaring and set a longing from the heart for the unspoiled quality of pure nature. Wild Crane is one of these beautiful images.  Wild, implies the-non detained free state.  These graceful birds can fly high and far at anytime to anywhere.  Don't you long to be like them?!


Diary Reminders
London Essential Hua Gong Weekend
Date: July 2-3, Venue : St Charles 6th Form College, St Charles Square W10 6EY

Sword Practice
Time: 6pm-7.30pm  this weekend

New Moon Internal Alchemy Meditation
Date: July 4th from 11pm to 1am. tune in with Zhixing  to this powerful meditation from home.
Use the DVD or You Tube to assist.

Internal Alchemy Retreats
Venue: Worth abbey, Sussex
Date: July 14-22, July 23-31
Yes another opportunity to experience these powerful secretive Daoist practices.  These meditations are designed to increase our connection, energy and cultivation, the result is a rejuvenation and strengthening of the life force.   Week 1 is concerned with the Micro Cosmic Orbit, and
Week 2 with a combination of the Micro Cosmic Orbit and the Return Journey.
Full explanation of this and transmission of the experience is given by Zhixing, so all students whether new or advanced are invited to apply.

Weekend in a Zen Monastery, Parma Italy
Zhixing has been invited to do a weekend of Hua Gong at the Fudenji Zen Temple  Free transport is provided from the Milano, linate Airport.
If you would like to attend, please get in touch.

That's it for now!
Stay connected, stay in touch and most of all do the practice.  Please ring or email if you have any questions about the practice  or require advice ;   You can also write directly to Zhixing at his Bassett Road address.
Happy Practising!
From all of us at 
The Dao Hua School, Chinese Heritage

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