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Mar 16-22  St Katharine's of Parmoor

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May 16-22  Devon

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Int Alchemy/Return Journey
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Qi Calligraphy
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Happy New Year

January 2015

Greetings Subscriber 
The year of the Horse fairly moved briskly apace and now we are moving steadily toward to Chinese New Year of the Goat on February the 19th.  

Throughout the past year Zhixing concentrated on giving us practical techniques to enable us to connect to the Qi, to induce the "lively" state and to "walk" in a way which aligns us and retrieves our leaked energy.  All of this culminated in a most successful and enjoyable Advanced Hua Gong Forms in November 2014.   

All Hua Gong practices are concerned with getting us to take a "symbolic" gesture enabling us to connect to the cosmic Qi- also known as the primordial Qi or the Prenatal state.  In this state the life line is open to us and we are nourished and "watered" from the root.   Any amount of additional work we do to improve ourselves is secondary to this vital connection to the Source .  The practice provides the key by opening the way to a driving force  which enables us to get through to the energy system and to avail ourselves of it.
So the practice of Hua Gong is a code. By this means we can become fully charged and renew our life energy  instead of using up our reserve as many non practitioners are prone to do.
So 2015 promises to continue the momentum already set. We will continue developing the skills of deep  Connection, the opening of the heart energy  and with it a great  experience of liveliness and rejuvenation. 

Calligraphy of the Month...The Tree of Life
Tune in and receive the Transmission
Below is a Qi Calligraphy from Zhixing.  It is possible to tune into the embedded Transmission by looking at the image and responding naturally.  You may begin to feel the energy, the rising joy, the warmth or even a change in breathing.  Emotions may also arise, or a desire to move--all or any of these signal that you are connecting to the pre natal Qi energy.  So tune in and see what you can experience.


Tree of Life:
A tree is a good example of life.  Some simple observations might be inspirational: Firstly, it is a creation of the Nature. We may plant it and cultivate it, but we cannot recreate it. Secondly, we may take care of it in many ways such as cut the dead branches and leaves,  and put posts to support it, but if it's root no longer receives water - from the rain or from human watering, it will not survive. Thirdly, the ways we take care of a tree is what is required by the tree itself.  In other words we can only take care of the tree in the way that is suitable for the tree as set by the Nature - not by  human beings. 
These observations can be applied on how to take of our own life. Over all we need to observe and respect the way our life is and take care of it in the way it requires. 

Important Dates for your Diary
London Weekends  Updated Hua Gong Forms.
Date: Jan 10-11  Time: 10am-5pm
Venue: St Charles 6th Form College, St Charles Square W10 6EY

Saturday Evening Sword Practice with Zhixing
Date: Jan 10-11  Time: 5.30am -7.30pm

Happy New Year to you and your Family and  we wish you all that is good in terms of Health, energy and great Qi connection!

From all of us at Chinese Heritage

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