Chinese New Year of the Dragon

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March 15-18
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Nov 8-11

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June 16-17
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October 13-14


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Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon!

Greetings Subscriber 
The first day of the Chinese New year was on January the 23rd 2012 and the year of the Dragon.
The Dragon is a legendary creature, a symbol in mythology and contains the energies of all the animals.  It blows fire, flies like a bird, has a palace in the depths of water , lives under the mountain and is ruler of the deep abyss. 

Due to its magical and mystical nature , the image of the Dragon is blurred, misty and untouchable, a term hinted at in Zhixing's retreat "Cloudy Dragon".  It is a symbol of intense power and good fortune and is regarded as a divine beast in Chinese mythology.

With such power stimulated this year, we are well advised to increase our practice to attune us to the information and energy of the cosmos.

Above is a Calligraphy of the Dragon which we have used to help us to connect to the energy on the Cloudy Dragon retreat. 
 "The Dragon is a symbol of power, mystery flexibility and authority.  Dragon lives deep in the ocean, moves with clouds and wind creating rain and thunder in the sky.  It is an embodiment of water fire and light.   Zhixing..

Important Date for your Diary!
  We will celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon together during the London weekend on Sunday the 5th of February.  Please bring a small snack to share. 
Friends and family are always welcome and it should kick off between 12.30 and 1pm.  Looking forward to seeing you if you can make it.  This session is intended not only to be a celebration and a sharing together but also to act as an opportunity to attune us to the energy.  Zhixing will do a Calligraphy of the Dragon at this time.


The London Hua Gong Weekends 2012
Theme:  Internal Alchemy and External Expression
The London Hua Gong monthly weekends will continue to transmit the cosmic Qi-the life nourishing energy described in the classical literature as "Mother Nature's Milk", and to "live broadcast" spiritual information.  
This is like receiving direct instructions from the Dao of Nature, and we continue to get closer to the standards required by the practice and continue to refine our skills as practitioners.

Retreats 2012
March 25-30   Hua Gong Forms  Henley-on-Thames
April 17-23       Qi Sword   Devon
April 24-30    Qi Sword     Devon
August 2-15     Comprehensive Hua Gong Worth Abbey
 (Week 1 to be attended before Week 2 
(This retreat is divided into 2 separate weeks of 6 days
August 2-8, 9-15)
August 16-22  Qi Calligraphy  Worth abbey Sussex
September 16-25  Cloudy Dragon  Henley-on Thames
October 27-Nov 2  Turtle & Snake Henley-on-Thames

Hua Gong Story Time

This story is from a new student to regular practice who is undergoing rapid changes and is inspired.

" I find that Hua Gong unifies my body mind and spirit.  Previously I went to the gym to try to make my body fitter, I went to a counselor to work through emotional issues, and I went on silent  retreats to develop spiritually.  All of these were worthy pursuits but essentially fragmented.  I feel that Hua Gong brings all these three aspects together.  It nourishes my body, my emotions and my spirit in an integrated way, coherent way and all at the same time.  It brings me together.

This means having the courage to allow things to arise; the "good, the bad and the ugly"- grief, sorrow, pain, euphoria, bliss, - and to allow all these things to pass in order to realise who I truly am.  I am connected to the universe, to love and becoming more insubstantial even as I feel my growing strength.
It means understanding that freedom of expression and creativity can come from more disciplined practice. 
For me this is work in progress."
January 2012

Video on the Dao
 Check out the Sword Form in the snow!


May we take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Dragon year ahead full of Qi, Strength and Inspiration!

From all of us at Chinese Heritage.
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