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Internal Alchemy Meditation at the Winter Solstice

December 2016

Greetings Subscriber 
The wheel of the year turns once more and we find ourselves approaching the Winter Solstice, the return of the Light and our connection once more through Internal Alchemy meditation.
Traditionally all Hua Gong students tune in with Zhixing at this important tide, when according to ancient Daoist teachings. in the depths of the deepest Yin time, one Yang Qi returns.

 This return of the Yang Qi begins a new revolution of  energy on the earth, an awakening and an initiation.  This is a very important" in between" time , and a time of special power and facilitation for Internal Alchemy practice.We meditate at the very seed of  of the new year and like any seed it contains all the vibrant energy and information which we can align ourselves with.
Below is a Qi Calligraphy from Zhixing for us to tune in to until January. .
 Yang is sun light which all life on earth depends on.  The original image of Yang in Chinese indicates the sun is shining on the sunny side of the mountains above flowing rivers.  So it is the life energy, the positive, the bright.  The bright is obvious and exposed.  So anything which is more open, protruding, straight forward is also Yang, while anything which is more closed, hidden, curved is Ying.  
The winter is predominantly affiliated with cold and darkness, therefore is Ying, while the spring is more related to warmth and sunshine therefore is Yang.  The Daoist philosophy holds that in the deepest stage of clod winter, the warm spring element begins to rise.  
On the solstice day, the Yang energy of the year starts to return.  In relation to our health, Yang is the warm and flowing life energy which manifests in good health, while Ying is the cold and stuck energy  which shows in illness

Please tune in with Zhixing and all of us and meditate on the night of the 21st leading to the 22nd of December from 11pm to 1am (for at least half an hour).
To assist us with this there is an Internal Alchemy meditation available to download from You Tube.  
Relax, tune in, use the hand gesture demonstrated by Zhixing and you may feel the very strong vibration reaching you through the cosmos.

This powerful energy will strengthen your energy field, concentrate the power to the dantian and circulate the energy through your energy channels.  Further, there is a strong and positive heart energy  transmitted with this meditation.

See the links below.
The first link, takes us to a lecture on Internal Alchemy meditation and the cultivation of the "Internal Medicine".  It would be good to view this before the meditation for the information it contains and to help prepare you before you begin.
The second link, takes us directly to the Solstice Meditation for the new cycle,  and can be used directly from You Tube  anytime you wish to do Internal Alchemy meditation thereafter.  It has a strong heart vibration.

Your Say...
See below a poem, a celebration of the "spinning" energy and Light of the cosmos.  It was written during the Advanced Forms retreat at St Katharine's of Parmoor..  We are always happy to receive your contributions, your creative  response  to the Hua Gong  transmission and your expression.

St. Catherine's Wheel

Burning bright

Filling our hearts

With Love and Light.


A Light so clear

Eye cannot see

A Love so pure

There is no Me.


Our souls are hovering

We call them home

To this Earthly body

Of flesh and bone.


We drop our weight

Our thoughts and fears

We gently move

The Light appears .


It gathers form

Goes deep within

Between Heaven and Earth

We start to spin.


Spiralling Light

Round it goes

In all directions

To fingers and toes .


Back to the centre

Round and round

Gathering pace

Gathering sound.


Chanting body

Chanting Light

Chanting heart

Our souls unite.


Released from darkness

Now body and soul

We hover together

We shimmer and glow.


The Heavens blaze

With Catherine’s Light

On Earth we spin

In sheer delight 

Liz Beglan

Thank you Liz for this wonderful poetry, a celebration of Light, and an expression of gratitude.

That's it for now
May we take this opportunity to wish you and your family all the blessings and joys of the Solstice,  a merry Christmas and a bright NewYear ahead!


From all of us


The Dao Hua School, Chinese Heritage


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