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Weekends 2016

Essential Hua Gong
Nov 5-6-, Dec 3-4

New Moon Internal Alchemy Meditations
Time: 11pm-1am

Nov 29, Dec 29

Retreats 2016

Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Nov 7-15  St Katharine's of Parmoor

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The Year of the Red Fire Monkey

November 2016

Greetings Subscriber 
almost imperceptibly  the magnificent hues of Autumn slid silently across the land at St Katharine's of Parmoor, but we were engrossed.  Each individual was deeply immersed in  an amazing Turtle & Snake Retreat and the power of Hua Gong.  The mellowing autumnal sun gave no hint of the vibrant Qi we were connecting to, and the personal transformations we were engaged in.
"Just like a tree"to be upright and nourished by the rising force , "then to soften without compromising our uprightness" that is the essential effect of the  Turtle and Snake Gong.

At the end of this newsletter you will find two poems which we hope you will enjoy and which express some  of the essence and experience of this retreat.

Qi Calligraphy of the month Tu/Earth
Please tune in to this calligraphy and note any energetic response.  These images contain a Qi transmission which can activate your own energy.  See below some explanation from Zhixing.

Tu / Earth :
Mother Earth is the mother of all mothers and is the birth place for all things: minerals (coals, metals, gem stones), waters ( wells, springs, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans) plants (grasses, trees, grains), insects, animals, birds and ...humans.  The Chinese character Tu is an image that indicates things coming out of the earth surface.  All living beings have to be 'down to earth' to have a life and to sustain life. Our humans also need to be 'down to earth' to be nourished and recharged.  The earthly Qi is the real 'water' of our life.

London Weekend
Essential Hua Gong  Date: Nov 5-6
Venue: St Charles 6th Form College, St Charles Square W10 6EY
Do join us for another eventful weekend with Zhixing, of Qi channeling, learning the codes to connect, and Qi transmission.  
Qi Sword practice
Saturday Nov 5th 6pm-7.30pm

Retreat Advanced Forms
Date: Nov 7-15
The last retreat for 2016.  It will comprise of updated Hua Gong movements that have evolved in recent years focusing on the rotation of the Light Ball.

Your Say

The Turtle and Snake Retreat

I saw a Turtle in Sri Lanka give birth to a glowing moon
then she rose, pale and splendid from the dark evening hills.
Who are you beloved Turtle, who hums in my blood?
I am a pool of stillness of Liquid Light, I am the peace in your bones
I am your home and your refuge, and the stillness that heals.
You have looked for me under every stone
And here I am your very own.
And who are you dear person, who tries to stand straight?
I am a tree and three snakes. my sap rising, my heels ablaze!
A small planet circles within me, propelled by a sound
A singing Ball of Light Ignites the eye behind my eyes
And You, Turtle hum in my blood, still as the hills when the moon rises
A spark ignites in the centre of my self
My star has roots!

Helena (Turtle & Snake)
Turtle & Snake (Day 8)
Suddenly, the most interesting thing in the whole wide world
is the movement, so slowly and deliberate, of my newly independent heel,
suffused all peach and apricot and humming red with blood,
hovering over and then settling, by gradual degrees, 
the warm cushion of its sole into the oakwood floor. And thenceforth
the consequent delivery of gravity's dark dues in kinked and dimly-felt
articulations of skeleton and sinew, up leg to hip and pelvis,
then relayed on through muffled configurations of muscle, vertebra and disc
to the creaking scarecrow shoulders, up neck to occiput and skull,


Thanks for these submissions, they portray some of the aspects of the recent retreat.

That's it!
Have a wonderful season full of good practice and heavenly Qi

From all of us at 
The Dao Hua School, London

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