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Settling and Purifying the Heart (Updated Five Emotion Hua Gong)

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The Year of the Rooster

                    January 2017
Greetings Subscriber 
A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones as we welcome in the Chinese New Year of the Rooster on the 28th of January   Yet another year of powerful initiatory energy  is dawning and we look forward to increasing our Qi connection and abilities.
We have a lot of resources available to aid us in our practice and we are encouraged to avail ourselves of these, and make this a year  of fabulous progress in Hua Gong for each of us.
There is a video available by link for you called the Five Animal Symbolic gestures.  This link is only available to a student of Hua Gong.
The Five Animal energy will help you to shed any stagnation accumulated over the festive season, and you may experience almost immediate results from the gestures alone.  Many will attest to the power of Five Animal Gong even in this simplified version

Five Animals link below



Qi Calligraphy Meditation

The Rooster
Please tune in to the image below.  It will help to attune you to the energy of the year.  It is most helpful to view the image while practicing and observe the effect on you personally.  See below for some inspirational words from Zhixing.

Xiong Ji / Rooster
There are two characters here: Xiong means male, Ji is chicken in general.  Together it means the rooster, which is the animal sign of the coming lunar new year (due on the 28th January). 
The rooster has a few noticeably admirable qualities: colourful, lively, joyful, initiating, vigilant, protective, brave, persistent, respectful, outstanding, upright, elegant, and has a beautiful voice that wakes the world ( that's what the small writing in the calligraphy says).  

Some of the qualities of the rooster are particularly admirable. He is diligent and he has a big heart.  He gets up the earliest and he thinks of others. So he wakes up everybody else.  He does this everyday never missing the right time. He is fully reliable.  
He was the clock for farmers in the old time. He stays positive.  It could be a gloomy rainy day and he would still be singing.  The French say that rooster is the only animal that is still singing in the mud. So they take the rooster as their national symbol.

In Chinese pronunciation, rooster is Ji , the same sound as Ji, auspiciousness. So rooster in the Chinese tradition is, among other things, a symbol of safety, peace and good luck. 
May the coming Year be as desirable as the symbol implies!
Happy Year of the Rooster to everybody!

The Course Flyer for 2017 is attached below.
2017  Hua Gong Courses Flyer

The first weekend of the year is February 11-12.
Time: 10am-5.30pm

This will form the practice known as Essential Hua Gong and is for new and more advanced students alike.
Sword Practice (Main Hall)
Saturday: 5.30pm -7pm
Calligraphy Practice (Cafe area)
Saturday 5.30pm-7pm
Shen Walking Practice (Cafe Area)
Saturday 5.30pm-7pm

These practices will be encouraged by Zhixing, who may attend at times to help and advise.
You are encouraged to avail yourself of the time,  space and powerful energy connection of the weekend and to work with other Hua Gong students.
Settling and Purifying the Heart

Date: March 24-30
This retreat has turned out to be the most heart-unsettling retreat of the year before it has even started!  It shows more of a need to have a retreat like this.  

'Settling the heart' is more on the negative side to dissolve and overcome emotional and mentally related problems.  We will reach some resolutions / determinations. actually realisations about our life as a whole through reflective / recognitive meditations so that we will not be 'depressed' ever again.  We will learn techniques to calm our mind and emotions to come out of an agitated state into a peaceful state.  We will seek to the selfless state through some special meditations. 

Purifying the heart is more on the positive side.  It is to practise to increase our ability to take things into heart.  This means our ability to learn, to appreciate, to enjoy, to be happy, to be inspired, etc.  If we lose our sense of taste or sexual potency we will be greatly concerned and upset.  If we lose our sense of beauty, for example, we might not notice much. However that can affect our capability to enjoy things.  Getting our heart into a right place will enhance our abilities to be joyful and  happy in life . 

Your Say
Below is a description of an experience during the Turtle & Snake Retreat.  This is the complete version, and is most evocative and inspirational.

Turtle & Snake
Suddenly, the most interesting thing in the whole wide world
is the movement, so slowly and deliberate, of my newly independent heel,
suffused all peach and apricot and humming red with blood,
hovering over and then settling, by gradual degrees, 
the warm cushion of its sole into the
oakwood floor. And thenceforth
the consequent delivery of gravity's dark dues in kinked and dimly-felt
articulations of skeleton and sinew, up 
leg to hip and pelvis,
then relayed on through muffled configurations of muscle,
vertebra and disc
to the creaking scarecrow shoulders, up
neck to occiput and skull,
untightening the lifelong cage round my entranced but watchful heart.

Dominic Harbinson

Thank you, Dominic for your description, we are always pleased to receive contributions from students who are inspired as a result of their experiences in Hua Gong.

That's it for now
May we take this opportunity to wish you once again a wonderful new year of the Rooster filled with happiness, 
health and accomplishment!
From all of us at 

The Dao Hua School
 Chinese Heritage

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