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Winter Solstice Meditation

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The circle of the Sun  moves on as  we find ourselves once again approaching the Winter Solstice, and the longest night.
This is a special time in the Daoist tradition and  has traditionally been marked by Zhixing and  Hua Gong students worldwide by an Internal Alchemy meditation.

 Please tune in and meditate with us all between 11pm-1am GMT on the 21st of December.  

You are connecting to the very seed of the Yang Qi, the return of the Light in a deep Internal Alchemy meditation.  This is an ancient,  Daoist practice for rejuvenation and longevity, and is one of the most potent connections.

Below is a Qi Calligraphy which if used as directed, will act as a powerful transmission for the experience.

The Dan- Light Pearl
This is the image of the idea Dan, the Pearl of Light that can be seen with our inner eyes through Internal Alchemy meditation.   Though the Dan is insubstantial and transparent in nature the visual image can be helpful in pointing to the inner vision of it.
 As it is painted in the Qi state it radiates warmth and vibration that can lead us into the experience of the Internal Alchemy.

Some suggestions on how to use it
Gaze at the image for a while, imagine that you breathe it into your body through the fortress (between the eyes), draw it down to the dantian (lower abdomen).  Sense the effects and and respond accordingly.

Zhixing  Winter Solstice

 Merry Solstice, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, and all the Blessings of the season of goodwill.  May your Qigong practice  and the special connection it brings lead you to vibrant health, energy and happiness.
From all of us at Chinese Heritage.

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