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Weekends 2014

 Aug 2-3,
Sept 6-7. Oct 4-5, 
Nov 1-2, Dec 6-7

Oct 25-26

Nov 6-9

Retreats 2014 
Hua Gong Forms

Int Alchemy/Return Journey
Aug 4-10 Worth, Sussex

Int Alchemy/Return Journey
Aug 11-17  Chigwell, Essex

Cloudy Dragon
Oct 13-21  St Katharines of Parmoor

Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Nov 17-25   St Katharines of Parmoor

Precious Teas

Bi Luo Chun
Dragons Well
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The Year of the Horse

August 2014

Greetings Subscriber 
Glorious weather for July, and lots of Hua Gong practice gave way to a wonderful transformative time at Worth Abbey School. We spent the last two weeks at the Five Animal Play and the Turtle & Snake retreats.  It is always a special experience to observe the effects of the Qi transmission and Qi exercises as the  good results in health and well being begin to emerge after only a few days.
Excerpts from a poem by one of our students gives a hint of this:

"As the day hot as Qi lazed its way towards night
Like a flame deep inside, peace spread healing light
Curling around corners..entwined in each space
Melting shadows and darkness, yet leaving no trace"
and yet..
"In that moment , resistance and stiffness and pain
Shattered in a shower of tingling gold rain."

We are now looking forward again to Monday the 5th of August for the commencement of the Internal Alchemy meditation retreats.
This ancient and secret Taoist practice is known for rejuvenation and longevity and there is  further important  information on Internal Alchemy which may interest you below.

This month's Qi Calligraphy from Zhixing is entitled "The Heart of Heaven/Universal Consciousness."

 As the picture contains a Qi transmission please meditate on it frequently and on the explanation given by Zhixing, and respond in your own away, according to your own personal need.

"Consciousness is at the heart of all beings, living or non- living.  Hua Gong practice enables us to feel the vibrational response from animals, plants or even rocks when we communicate with them.  It deepens our awareness to a wider and deeper level.  All levels of Consciousness become a real experience."

Important dates for your Diary
Hua Gong London Weekend
Date: August 2-3 

Sword Practice Aug 
Date Saturday August the 2nd 5.30-7.30 pm

Internal Alchemy Retreats
Date: August 4-10
Venue: Worth Abbey School, East Sussex

Date 11-17
Venue: Internal Alchemy  Chigwell, Essex

Information on Internal Alchemy 2014

" One simple finger gesture can connect us to the Cosmic Qi and initiate a transformative process in the body.  
The power of the Internal Alchemy is subtle but sure.  In the Chinese spiritual Qigong tradition the Internal Alchemy has been a very secretive and rather superior practice leading to 'Ascension' and 'Immortality'.  
In more 'down to earth ' language it aims at living healthily to the end of life and dying without illness.

For our forthcoming Internal Alchemy Retreats:
On the basis of opening the inner cavities and Qi channels, the emphasis of the first week will be on 'spiriting' the inner organs.  
The inner organs are often left in a state of stagnation, or absence of the spirit-missing the Light.  The spirit is flying away from the body.
In the method of the Internal Alchemy there are ways to recollect the and activate the spirit of the organs and transform them into a state of vibrant health.
The second week will focus on cultivating the 'Golden Pearl', or Sh en (spirit) of the pure consciousness.  It is the most essential aspect of our being and is at the heart of the Internal Alchemy practice.
It is hard to explain in words.  This is why it has to be secretive..."

There are still a few spaces on these retreats, and if you would like to attend please contact us by email or phone as soon as possible.

Poetry: An excerpt taken with kind permission from Gill Wood after the recent Turtle & Snake retreat.
May we wish you a wonderful month of August full of energy and joyful Hua Gong practice!

From all of us Chinese Heritage


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