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Retreats 2015
Int Alchemy/Return Journey
Jul 14-22 Worth, Sussex

Int Alchemy/Return Journey
Jul 23-31  Worth, Sussex

Turtle & Snake
Aug 17-23 St Katharine's of Parmoor

Cloudy Dragon
Aug 24-Sept1  St Katharine,s of Parmoor

Qi Calligraphy
Oct 5-13 St Katharine,s of Parmoor

Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Nov 9-17  St Katharine's of Parmoor

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Bi Luo Chun
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The Year of the Goat

June 2015
Greetings Subscriber 
We have just returned from a wonderful two weeks of Hua Gong in Dartington, Devon.  Both the Five Animals and the Qi sword certainly put us through our paces, and resulted in more great benefits to our health and energy. 

The "Gong is in the Form" according to an old Tai Qi Master,  and Zhixing reminded us that this would apply in our case too.  The more we continue to do the Form and refine our way of doing it, the greater the information and energy which will come through to us.  Even where we do not know the full form, if we keep on refining what we can remember we will succeed. 

The lively spiritual energy will come through to nourish and rejuvenate us.  Many people are in a casual "non signal state"are overloaded and so feel heavy and lethargic.
With the practice of Hua Gong we activate the "signal"and we seek to become connected to the prenatal state. 
We practice to change debilitating body habits, relax, let go of physical body weight, insubstantialise and lighten up!

Calligraphy of the Month
below is a Qi Calligraphy image from Zhixing for the month of June.  As advised previously it is best to tune in to this regularly throughout the month.  You may find your energy becoming activated, feel lighter and want to express the energy in physical movements or gestures.  All or any of these responses indicate that you are connecting to the transmission embedded in the Calligraphy.
Qing / Purity: Clean, pure, transparent and refreshing, like a deep pool of mountain spring water: that is a typical image for a Daoist practitioner who seeks for purity, stillness and effortlessness.  Purity leads to health, contentment and inner peace. Purity is practical, poetic and beautiful. 

Important dates for your Diary
London Weekend

Date: June 6-7
Time: 9.30am for registration-5pm

The timeless practice of Hua Gong which is to cultivate our energy and connect us to the prenatal Qi.  Also to induce a lively energy state, as we work with the body Light.
Venue: St Charles 6th Form College, St Charles Square W10 6EY

Sword Practice
Please note we regret there will be no Sword practice after 5pm this weekend.  

Weekend Dartington/Devon


Centring and Grounding our Qi
Through Qigong observation an important reason for ill health is that our Qi gets dispersed. Then we loose our vitality and loose our physical strength, and our health is at risk. To centre our energy is vital. The key aspect of centring our Qi is to ground our Qi. The moment we ground our Qi our vitality and strength increases. That implies our overall life energy is replenished. This weekend will focus on some effective techniques of grounding our Qi and therefore consolidating the foundation of our health

Date: June 27-28
Studio 6, Dartington Space, TQ9 6EN
Contact: Brad

Your Say
We are thankful for the poem below from Beverley, in response to her experience of the Qi Sword transmission and to being immersed as she describes it, in the "silver liquid" and the "moving stream of water"...



I am woken by a silver liquid morning

reflecting in its mirror light

space behind me;

reaching with my hand

I gently touch the molten glow

to find a moving stream of water

strong in flow.


I enter through a metal portal

where all my trials dissolve

inside an alchemy of love;

after so much darkness

I find a pool of light

and rest there.


In this silver liquid morning

I disappear into birdsong

where fear becomes another golden note;

where light supports me

in this time of life

bringing healing to a world

of loss and strife.


Beverley Ferguson
Sword Retreat

It remains for us to wish you a wonderful month of June full of good practice and connection to the cosmic Qi.


From all of us at the Dao Hua School
Chinese Heritage



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