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The Year of the Horse

July 2014

Greetings Subscriber 
Once again many of us are looking forward to the ever popular Five Animals and Turtle & Snake retreats At Worth, Sussex this month.
Below is information from  Zhixing about the Five Animal retreat and the changes he is introducing this year. 


The Five Animals
Created some 1,700 years by the extraordinary Dr Hua Tuo, the Five Animal play has been one of the most loved qigong practices among practitioners down the ages.  Imitating the sounds, poses and movements of some well selected animals as an alternative to herbal medicines and acupuncture treatment for ill heath, is truly an extraordinary invention.  

These are Master Hua's original words.
"In addition to medicines and needles I also have another remedy; the Five Animal Play.  Whenever I feel short of energy with no appetite I would rise to play one of the Animals.  I would soon perspire and feel refreshed, recharged and get my appetite back.  The five animals are; the Tiger, the Deer, the Bear, the Monkey and the Bird."

Gaining a good appetite is certainly a moderate statement.  Over the years the Hua Gong Five Animal Play has transformed many people's lives and become the favourite practice of some Hua Gong practitioners.  Now the annual time to gather together as a group to enjoy and benefit from the practice approaches again.  

In the Five Animal Retreat, there will be some new elements this year:
1) We will practice the Five Animals in the classical order.  This implies that we will use the Tiger and the Deer for transformation of the Jing (the physical), the Bear and the Monkey for the transformation of the Qi (the energy), and the Bird for the Shen (spirit).  So this year we will use the Bird for the Shen transformation instead of the Monkey as in previous years.

2) We will incorporate the Five Emotions (anger, fear, anxiety, sadness and excitement) through the Five Animal practice.  This will be a new "experiment".

The Animals will be used not only as ways of strengthening the body, and empowering the energy but also as ways of expressing and transforming the emotions.  The emotional element will certainly animate the experience of the Five Animals this year!


If you would like to sign up for  this course, there are still spaces.  Please email or ring directly as soon as possible.

All good wishes, and looking forward to a wonderful series of retreats at Worth.
Happy practicing!

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