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August Retreats

In the last Newsletter these three retreats were described as free.This is an error for which we apologise.
Those who made enquiries will be contacted personally, and we apologise for any disappointment caused.





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Greetings at the Winter Solstice

As we enter the time of the deepest Yin and the cosmic tide turns once more. It is one of the most important principles in Daouist philosophy that things at their peak, begin to decline and change towards the opposite direction.  In the deepest part of the night, is the beginning of the new day. 

The full moon is the beginning of the waning moon and already has the mark of change in it.  In the same way the darkest and the most Yin day of the year, the Solstice, is also the very beginning of the brighter and longer days to come.  This time signals the return of the Yang Qi of the year and is of great importance to all of us Qigong practitioners.

This turning and starting point has the greatest potential as the force is at its most potent and it contains the seed of the year to come. Our practice and our intentions at this time contain a force of energy and information which will produce effects in our lives in due course.


Join Zhixing and all Hua Gong students worldwide for  meditations at the Winter Solstice. 

Please tune in on Wednesday the 21st of December between 11pm and 1 am and Thursday the 22nd of December between 11pm and 1am. You may wish to do both or one of the meditations.

"Traditionally the best part of the day to practice Internal Alchemy meditation is midnight.  The best time of the year to practice it is the Solstice day.  This contains the initiatory Yang Qi of the new year and is at its most potent.  It has been a habit among Hua Gong practitioners to tune in together around midnight on the solstice day and practice Internal Alchemy meditation.  This tradition continues this year. 
Tune in using the Internal Alchemy meditation, hand gestures/seals, or recite HUA HUA HUA, or simply focus on the Dantian (Qi cavity about three fingers below the navel).
See below the Calligraphy Image in Daoist talisman style, which means "a single element of Yang Qi returns". 
This Qi Calligraphy has the ability to project a Qi force to you.  Feel it!"



Forthcoming dates in 2012 for your diary

London Hua Gong Weekends  9.30am-5pm
Jan 14-15, Feb 4-5, Mar 3-4, March 30th- Apr 1st, May 5-6, June 2-3, June 30-July 1, Sept 1-2, Oct 6-7, Nov 3-4, Dec 1-2

A chance to receive Qi Transmission and Initiation with Zhixing

Saturday evening Treatment and Transmission group 6pm-9pm
Bookings are being taken for the January session. Please email if you would like to reserve a space.
Weekends Devon

June 16-17 5 Animals
Oct 13-14 Hua Gong Forms

Norway, Oslo
March 15-18
Nov 8-11

Updated Hua Gong Forms (Parmoor) 
March 25-30 New date (please note) 
A retreat especially for new students, those who aspire to teach Hua Gong and those who want to learn and strengthen their Fundamental Hua Gong practice.

Qi Sword April 17-23 (Devon)
For beginners and those who wish to focus on learning and refining the Sword Form.
Qi Sword April 24-30 (Devon)
The Form will be unfolded further and there will be new movements that we have not done before. The focus will be on developing a Qi Field while holding the Sword, and practice on "fighting" with the Sword.
Hua Gong Retreats August 2-8, 9-15, 16-22 Worth Abbey School
Join Zhixing on his personal retreat on Hua Gong in all its aspects. This is a live channelling and transmission, and will cover areas such as health, arts and spirituality, meditation, movement, Sword, 5 Animals and Chanting etc.

NB: For those students attending one or all of the retreats,  a personalised Qi Calligraphy will be given to assist students with their own Hua Gong development.  Please apply earlier in the year so as to get this underway for August, and email to find out more.

Cloudy Dragon Sept 16-25
(5 Animal and Turtle & Snake transmission needed to attend this course.

Turtle & Snake Oct 27-Nov 2nd


Contact & Bookings:
Web: for more in depth information on the courses.

Green Teas

The teas available for our students at present are:
    •    Bi Luo Chun: a premium quality precious Green Tea, excellent for detoxification and restoring kidney energy.
    •    Dragons Well: A premium quality Green Tea excellent for meditation and for opening the central channel.  It has all the usual       benefits of Green tea, excellent for the digestive system and for purifying the blood.
    •    Puerh:  This is the "Information" Puerh, excellent for high energy and good circulation.  Also so nourishing in the cold weather.
    •    Iron Guan Yin:for the digestive system, blood purification and energising.
Contact Chinese Heritage:
Tel. 0845 0553666

Happy Solstice, Happy Christmas
and we look forward to another year of deepening Hua Gong practise. 
From all of us at Chinese Heritage

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