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Settling and Purifying the Heart (Updated Five Emotion Hua Gong)
Mar 24-30  St Katharine's of Parmoor

Qi Sword,
May 9-15  Devon
May 16-22 (open to those who have attended first week)

Int Alchemy 1
July 10-18 St Katharine's of Parmoor

Int Alchemy 2
Jul 19-27 St Katharine's of Parmoor

Animating the Inner Organs
Aug 26-Sept1   St Katharine's of Parmoor

Qi Calligraphy
Oct 16-22  St Katharine's of Parmoor

Calligraphy Qigong
Oct 23-31 St Katharine's of Parmoor

Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Nov 22-30  St Katharine's of Parmoor


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The Year of the Fire


March 2017
Greetings Subscriber 
 At the last London Hua Gong Weekend Zhixing demonstrated th rough the use of Qi Calligraphy images    the state of unregulated and scattered energy which changes as we cultivate our Qi.
 Below is an excerpt from his lecture.

"When we start the practice we discover that our real quality is weak and we notice a lot of messy scattered energy.  When we are in a non Qigong state we are in a non-lively and stuck state. Without Qigong we are mostly in this state of chaotic and scattered energy.  We only feel the physical quality and we may appear to be strong and tough, but our energy is very unorganized. We have lost our root and do not have awareness of our real seed of life.  Our prenatal connection is buried and we end up in a physical heavy and stuck state.

When we start to do Qigong we start to get in touch with our original quality the original seed. 
That spiritual information is the real element which connects us to the root or source of life or life system.  It is this spiritual seed or root that makes us human; a creature of Nature or God.  In the Qigong tradition we refer to this as the "Spiritual Baby".
We have this original quality when we are born, but when we grow up it is buried by other things.  To do Qigong is to return to that source, that prenatal connection, that original information.  

The original life quality needs to grow; the Spiritual Baby needs to grow.  
We realise that our energy and our body is in a messy, disorganized casual and chaotic state. It needs to be reorganized and transformed. 
At first it is trapped, suffocated and needs to emerge step by step gradually through the layers. For the scattered leaked energy to be embodied it needs to be re integrated by the original Qi quality. It is a two-way process the Qi needs to penetrate the physical body and the physical body needs to fully absorb the Qi.  Eventually after some  consistent practice, a strong turbulence is created and the chaotic elements separate and recombine.  Inevitably,  all the messy, chaotic energy becomes absorbed by the true original living quality".

This is the beginning of a really rewarding physical and spiritual journey, of enhanced life quality a strong life force, and a reconnection with our latent abilities and talents.

New Moon Internal Alchemy Meditation
Please tune in and meditate between 11pm and 1am on March 28th for an Internal Alchemy meditation.  The Internal Alchemy is one of the most powerful and secret Daoist practices for rejuvenation.
With the transmission aspect of Hua Gong we can meditate successfully and increase our vital life force.  Do use the You Tube footage, or the Internal Alchemy DVD to meditate alongside Zhixing for best results.

Calligraphy of the Month

Yang Wo Hao Ran Qi / Cultivating My Upright Qi

This is a statement of Ming Zi or Mencius, lived 372BC - 289 BC, who was the most outstanding follower of Kong Zi or Confucius. Scholars in the old society of China would not only learn knowledge from classical books of the Sage, but also pay great attention to the inner cultivation. Yang Qi or Cultivating the Qi in short was a self-admonition for many well cultured people through history. While Qi is the inner reserve and quality as we know from the Qigong practice, Yang implies the importance of daily awareness, care and preservation. This statement is most appropriate for our Qigong practitioners.


Essential Hua Gong
London Weekend March 4-5
Time: 9.30am to 5.30pm Sat, 9.45am-5pm Sun
Join us for another wonderful weekend with Zhixing on Essential Hua Gong, Qi activation and meditation.  All are welcome.

Evening Practices
Time:  6pm-7,30pm (Saturday 4th)
Sword Practice  bring your sword
Qi Calligraphy Practice for those who have taken the retreat. Please bring your paper and ink
Qi Walking Practice

Settling and Purifying the Heart
This retreat is full, and there have been no cancellations.  Zhixing advises that those who missed it this time, could take Animating the Inner Organs retreat  in August.

That's it for now...

We wish you all the joy and increasing energy of the Spring tide which is upon us, and lots of Hua Gong practice and Blessings.

From All of us
The Dao Hua School London


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