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Qigong Southwest

Ba - Gua Qigong 

Llanidloes, Wales

Sword Retreat 

Date: May 23-29 
Seale Hayne, Newton Abbott, Devon

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Qigong Southwest


We have recently returned from a wonderful Hua Gong Forms Retreat at St Katherine's of Parmoor, and it was a truly amazing experience for those of us who participated.  
As Zhixing intimated from the beginning of the year, there is a special emphasis on the Transmission aspect this year "to achieve the results we want" and  with the manifest intention of moving forward in our practice. 

This was very evident in the experience of each student, and the momentum and desire of each one of us to go deeper into the practice was very clear. 

We all ended the retreat feeling very privileged indeed and very aware that this Fundamental practice is a "jewel" indeed, a very rich practice with so many benefits.

Please see the web site under Hua Forms for additional information on the many benefits and results of practicing the Hua Gong Framework regularly, and 
if you are a new student who have just begun practicing Hua Gong, there is a DVD of the Forms available to support you.

Theme from the April Hua Gong Weekend

If we understand that if we can really absorb what cannot be communicated by the spoken word alone,  then we are receiving more like the real information.  For instance when we are meditating, or doing Qigong movements together we are experiencing a different form of communication.  
In a way it is more real, for the focus has to be right, we have to open up, and we have to get into a different state of being.  In this state we are being worked on, treated, guided and taken along.  Every part of our body is being visited.  We are being opened up, communicated with, nourished and illuminated.  Our energy is being reorganized and transformed, and the information order is being re adjusted.
This is a different form of communication and importantly, It is not just between the teacher and student. The teacher helps the student to prepare the way, but it is the all important connection between the Cosmic Qi and the student which enables us to be nourished from the Root and in touch with that which gave us life in the first place.  It is  deeply personal.

In this state we really absorb  what is being spoken about, and what is being said becomes a real experience.  If we speak about the Qi we feel the Qi, if we speak about the Light we feel the Light.
The words are no longer a representation, they are a direct experience and the word becomes the thing itself.  

For instance with a Calligraphy image, when we draw a symbol on the paper we can feel it ; also when we see a Calligraphy image on the paper, we can feel it in our body.  This happens not because a mark has been drawn on our body ,but because the information has really got through. 
This again is a deeper communication experience and In this state the ideas which we speak about are not merely ideas, they become real.... 

Forthcoming Dates for Your Diary

April 30, May 1: Classes in Paris
May 6: Internal Alchemy Meditation London
An opportunity to learn this ancient Daoist practice in a small group. There is a DVD available to supplement your practice.

London Hua Gong Weekend:
May 7-8: A chance to receive Qi Transmission and Initiation with Zhixing
(The Small Saturday evening group is booked until August)

May 12-15 : Weekend Norway

May 14-15 Ba Gua Wales

The Qi Sword, May 23-29  
Seale Hayne, Newton Abbott, Devon

Another chance to experience the magical Sword, artistic, strengthening, and body reshaping.

June 18-19: Qigong for Beauty and Rejuvenation
A new course devised by Zhendi for female students. Aims to improve physical appearance, health and vital energy.
This month there is an emphasis on Female Internal Alchemy.

July 7-13: Internal Alchemy Worth abbey, Sussex

The ancient and secret Daoist practice for rejuvenation.

July 20-26: Return Journey Worth abbey, Sussex
The highest level meditation in the Hua Gong practice

August 15-23: Qi Calligraphy  Parmoor, Henley-on-Thames
A deep experience of Qi connection through the classical art of Calligraphy

For all enquiries or to book on any of these courses

Green Teas

The teas available for our students at present are:
  • Bi Luo Chun: a premium quality precious Green Tea, excellent for detoxification and restoring kidney energy.
  • Dragons Well: A premium quality Green Tea excellent for meditation and for opening the central channel. It has all the usual benefits of Green tea, excellent for the digestive system and for purifying the blood.
  • Puerh: This is the "Information" Puerh, excellent for high energy and good circulation. Also so nourishing in the cold weather.
  • Iron Guan Yin:for the digestive system, blood purification and energising.

For Bookings & to contact Chinese Heritage

Email catherine@chineseheritage.co.uk
Tel. 0845 055 3666

Have a great month as we welcome the month of May and early Summer
From all of us at Chinese Heritage Institute
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