"what is insubstantial yet visible and tangible"
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Updated Hua Gong Weekends
London 2013

Sept 7-8, Oct 5-6
Nov 2-3, Dec 7-8

Small Group Treatment Class
Saturday evenings of the London weekends
Tim: 6-9pm

Fundamental Hua Gong Weekends

Nov 7-10

Fundamental Hua Gong Weekends

Oct 12-13 

Resources  available

DVD Hua Gong Forms
DVD Dantian Meditation
CD Number Meditation
CD Say Goodbye to your Problems

Green Teas available
Iron Guan Yin
Bi Luo Chun
Meng Ding

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Year of the Water Snake

Greetings Subscriber 

We trust that you have had an enjoyable Summer with plenty of sunshine fun, and lots of Qigong practice.
 series of meditation retreats at Worth Abbey in August were very deep and remarkable, with many students reporting very memorable experiences and transformative effects.

The season of Autumn is now fast approaching as we  enter the yin time of the year, quite like the waning moon time.  This is a time strengthen our yang qi and cultivate more Light and vibrancy.

In chapter 2 of the Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperors inner Canon) the sage says of autumn
"The wind is vigorous and rapid and the environment on earth is clear and bright, so during this period one should go to bed early to stay away from the chilliness, and get up early to appreciate the crisp air of autumn... and keep the spirit tranquil and stable."

 Below is a Calligraphy from Zhixing and some wise words too .  As always we remind ourselves that the best way to benefit from the Qi Calligraphy is to imagine that it is looking at us and to respond to it naturally as we feel inspired. 


Cloud:  "Cloud is a typical example of what is insubstantial yet visible and tangible.  It is a good illustration of the Qi idea.  Some clouds are just floating through.  Some however are carrying thunder and lightening, bringing wind and rain.  Clouds are picturesque, poetic and atmospheric leading our imagination soaring high.  "Clouds follow dragon" as an old saying goes."

Zhixing September 2013

Important Dates for your Diary
London Updated Hua Gong Forms
September 7-8
Small Group Treatment class Saturday evening
Sept 7th  6-9 pm. (spaces available)

Sept 19-28 Turtle & Snake retreat at St Katharines of Parmoor

The Turtle & Snake Hua Gong is primarily a method of healing. It consists of two parts, the Snake Gong and the Turtle Gong. The Snake Gong focuses on movements that work precisely on aligning and freeing the spine, and connecting the spine with the limbs and the internal organs. The Turtle Gong features static posing and breathing that leads us into an eternal state of being. It is as if our life is preserved forever.

October 12-13 Hua Gong Devon
Walking into Potent Health
leading to a healthier body and better alignment with the spiritual energy that nourishes our life.

October 22-31 Cloudy Dragon 
The mysterious Cloudy Dragon takes us to greater depths in our practice and is for those who have already taken the 5 Animal and the Turtle & Snake retreat.

The London Hua Gong Weekends 2013
.The London monthly Hua Gong weekend course is the most regular and systematic Hua Gong class available.

Over more than twenty years, it has created a place to connect and tune to the cosmic Qi -- prenatal life energy and information from which we receive life nourishment and spiritual inspiration.

Most of the discoveries through the way of Hua Gong on the human body and energy, on health and illness, on rejuvenation and longevity, and on spirituality have been shared in these weekends. 

It provides the most detailed Hua Gong teachings on the fundamental level and represents the most updated Hua Gong transmission in terms of the ‘Qi field’ (the overall sensation or experience of the energy effects in the group), techniques and information.  
In this class, the focus is simple yet profound: Internally we cultivate the Dan – the highly concentrated Qi energy that can be experienced as a bright pearl rotating in the body, and externally we express inner beauty and power through artistic movements. 
The practice of doing so is like watering and nurturing our life from the root, leading to a flourishing life on all levels and aspects.   

Retreats 2013
September 19-28:  Turtle & Snake Intermediate Level Henley-on Thames
October 22-31: Cloudy Dragon Advanced Level Henley-on-Thames
November 18-24: Qi Sword, Qi Calligraphy Artistic Hua Gong Devon

“The Dao is near and straight forward while people often search elsewhere for complicated solutions. “ (Lao Zi)


Enjoy your practice in the season of" mists and mellow fruitfulness"

From all of us at Chinese Heritage.
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