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Mar 17-23  St Katharines of Parmoor

Q1 Sword
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The Year of the Horse

Greetings Subscriber 
How a wet and blustery February has quickly flown by and we are already on the threshold of March!
This month's Qi  Calligraphy by Zhixing illustrates  a reminder for us to flow with the energy of the cosmos like a"running river"..
On this theme of flowing with the energy,  the Yellow Emperors Classic of Medicine (Huang Di 240 B.C.) has a little advice about how we should conduct ourselves in the months of Spring.

 "There is a revitalization of things in nature.  It is a time of birth. Since this is the season in which the universal energy begins anew and rejuvenates, we should exercise more frequently and loosen up the tendons and muscles. and  we should go walking in order to absorb the fresh invigorating energy".
Below is a Qi Calligraphy image and some advice from Zhixing for the month of March
Liu Shui Ming Yue...
"Running river is my present life.  The Moon is my previous life."  
These are old poetic verses describing the beauty of some poems.  I use them as an admonition to myself as a Hua Gong practitioner, to cultivate purity, grace and a detached state of mind.
I hope it can be inspiring to all Hua Gong practitioners.  
As a piece of Calligraphy art, the free dancing style reflects the beautiful information that is expressed by the words."

Important dates for your Diary
London Weekends
March 1-2, April 5-6

March 17-23 Fundamental Forms Retreat

March 27-30
April 12-13 Touching the Insubstantial.

Sword Practice
Saturday evenings at the London Weekend.
Time: 5-30pm-7.30pm
For those who have taken the Qi Sword Retreat.
If you have not done so, you are very welcome to sit in the hall and absorb the Qi.

Have a wonderful month of March full of great vitality and Qi

From all of us at Chinese heritage
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