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Hurricane Sandy already brought us some tricks, now it's time from TREATS!

Fillmore Open House Days are still underway
We had a small disruption on the Open House week at Fillmore where parents are invited to stop by the day your child comes to Fillmore between 10-11am and 1-2pm to find our what your creative kids are working on.   The schedule continues TODAY (Oct. 31st) and TOMORROW (Nov. 1st) and continues next Monday, Nov. 5th and Tuesday, Nov. 6th

Big Thank Yous all around! 
It was great to see all our Fillmore friends coming out to get their groceries on Sept. 20th at the Whole Foods Shopping Day!  The cashiers were wearing Fillmore buttons, Fillmore teacher Glenna Johnson had the kids making gorgeous art cards with mushrooms and corn cobs and all sorts of delicious produce, and I'll never tell who had a bit too much Ben & Jerry's in their carts

The Whole Foods-Georgetown staff couldn't have been nicer and all those purchases totaled close to an additional $4,500 into the Fillmore supply fund.  See all the fun here and here!

Also, a highly belated, but nonetheless heartfelt Gracias to the DC Latino Professionals group who had an event for their group at the Fillmore concert venue in Silver Spring in August, but somehow found Fillmore Arts Center in the planning process and decided to make us their fundraising recipient for the evening.  They asked event attendees to bring art supplies for Fillmore (OUR Fillmore), and then, provided them to us in September.  They were so generous to give supplies valuing over $200 all from a case of mistaken identity!

We Made our Match
I am happy to report that we met the Cafritz Foundation match!  Key families continued to lead the charge amongst our schools, more than doubling their online contributions from my September report.  I think their PTA President, Sunny Kaplan, was instrumental in this "GET OUT THE DONATION" effort; kudos to her!  But just because the match is done, you can still make your tax-free contributions online anytime (remember to get them in before the end of the year),  just visit our Donate page and PayPal will do the rest!

Mark Your Calendars!

We have the perfect antidote to all that free time you've acquired after November election season ends--Fillmore Back to School Night!  On November 14 from 6:30 to 8 pm parents will have a chance to participate in two 1/2 hour classes, selecting from the following options:
  • paper sculpture,
  • brush painting,
  • dance,
  • digital arts,
  • violin, and
  • ceramic busts.
Unleash your inner artist.  Children are welcome. 
And remember to always check the Friends of Fillmore Calendar page, so you don't miss a thing!

Remember, the arts make us smarter,

Kelly  (And I humbly submit some coverage of my efforts with Clean Currents.  Given the weather events of this week, folks may want to consider how their choices impact the Earth...)

Thanks again
Who knew veggies were so creative?
A new meaning to "Art on a Cart"!
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