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Dear Fillmore Friends, Parents, and Supporters,

How did it get to be November already?  AND there has already been snow?!  I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not completely prepared for another winter quite here are some toasty tidbits of our activities at Fillmore to warm you up!

Be an Artist Night is Wednesday, Nov. 9th
  • Don't miss the Fillmore "Be an Artist" Night (our version of Back to School Night) from 6:30 to 8pm at Fillmore this Wednesday
  • Families will have an opportunity to meet Fillmore teachers and find out about projects, performances, and other class information.  Then, from 7:15 until 8pm, families will have a chance to try an arts class.  Some of our options for you to channel your inner artist: Dance (a fusion of jazz, hip-hop and Latin styles), Violin, Paper Sculpture, Architecture, Brush Painting, and Stop-Frame Animation in Digital Arts.
  • Feel free to bring the kids or just come yourself.  Either way make sure to bring your ideas and creative juices!
Thanks for being hungry!
  • Our Dining Day with HomeMade Pizza raised over $1000 for Fillmore.  Thanks to all the families and folks who participated.  And look for another Dining Day in the Spring.  I KNOW you will all be hungry again by then.
The answer, my friend, is...
  • THE BLOWING WIND...yes, yes, I'm reminding you again about our partnership with Clean Currents.  In the month of November Clean Currents will double the donation to Fillmore to $50 for each sign up, so if you've been dragging your feet, NOW is the time to sign up!! 
  • If you pay a monthly bill to PEPCO, you can sign up.  This doesn't require any other changes -- you won't need to place a wind turbine on your roof or anything.  Just go to the website, have your PEPCO account number, and it will just take 5 minutes.
  • If you have questions or wonder how it all works, please come to this week's ANC3B meeting at Stoddert (Thursday, Nov. 10 at 7pm).  I'll be there talking about Wind Power as the Green Neighborhood Challenge Leader for Cathedral Heights. 
  • In October at the Farmers' Market I met the first family to sign up, so we only have 24 families to go to reach our goal!  If YOU sign up in November we can raise over $1000 dollars for the purchase of environmentally-friendly art supplies for our kids. 
  • We have until Earth Day (April 22nd), 2012 to reach our 25-family goal, but please DON'T DELAY!  Let's get $50 donations for Fillmore, rather than the regular $25!
One Last Reminder
  • You can always make an in-kind donation to Fillmore!  So, check out our Fillmore teachers' Wish List for this school year.  Maybe you already have an item or two they are hoping for or would be interested in purchasing something directly for the teachers?  Here is your opportunity!
Thanks again for saying "Hello" at our Fillmore table at the Glover Park-Burleith Farmers' Market (see some photos below from our last visit).  We'll be back in the Spring to spread the word.  Also, this Fall we've presented about Fillmore at Ross, Hearst, and Hyde's PTA meetings.  Look for us to make a visit to Key and Stoddert in the coming months.

Remember, the arts make us smarter,


The Arts promote sharing.
The Arts engage body and mind.
Creativity at work!
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