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Happy New Year, Fillmore Friends!

The 2012 Prediction Is for a Year Filled with Arts...Starting Tomorrow
Have you been wondering what to do with your children on the afternoon of Friday, January 20th, since it is a short day for DCPS students? How about taking them to see their fellow students, third through fifth graders, perform dance, music, and drama?  (There will also be associated visual arts pieces on display too!)

This performance will be the culmination of the Journeys theme the children have been considering over the first half of the year.  The idea of journey is one of telling the story of one’s life and the experiences and situations encountered along this path. The show will be at 3pm, Friday, January 20th, in the Hardy/Fillmore Auditorium.  Come support the work of our amazing Fillmore students and take a journey of discovery!

End of Semester Sharing Week, January 24-30
Also, during the last class of the first semester, starting on Tuesday, January 24th and running through Monday, January 30th, parents and Fillmore fans are invited to drop in each afternoon at 1:30pm.  Each school's afternoon students will share a song, dance, or theater game on the stage for their classmates and others who are able to attend.  Just pop in to Hardy/Fillmore Auditorium to join the fun!  Check the Friends of Fillmore calendar to find out when your child's school is offering this afternoon arts snack.

Fillmore Arts Center Goes Viral
That's right.  You can watch our Fabulous Fillmore Video on YouTube!  (And pass the link on to friends and LIKE us, so it will go VIRAL.)  Pulled from the archives by a Key Parent/Friends of Fillmore school rep and placed on the Web this outstanding, student-created and produced video captures the essence of what Fillmore Arts Center does for its students and how it operates.  Thanks to students from the following Fillmore classes, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2014, for your impressive efforts!

These students summed up what Fillmore does so succiently it puts Principal Katherine Latterner's and my powerpoint to shame, but if you didn't get to see us present at one of your PTA meetings this past Fall or Winter (Key is last on our presentation rounds on January 25th), DON'T WORRY!  The powerpoint is still playing on a web page near you, just click here to peruse all 14 slides at your leisure.
I'll Huff and I'll Puff...
Hurray!  Our wind power project is getting a head of steam (if that isn't too much of a mixed metaphor).  We are now at 7 sign-ups, and Clean Currents yard signs are being spotted 'round town (see below).   Remember if you change to Clean Currents and mention "Friends of Fillmore", a $25 donation will go to our organization.  It takes just 5 minutes to sign up, and we just need five families from each school to reach our 25-family goal by Earth Day (April 22nd).  Let's make everyone's favorite color green in 2012!

I hope to see you at the Journey Performance tomorrow or at something equally ART-riffic soon!

Remember, the arts make us smarter,


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