Translating Nature's Historians: The Lamont Tree Ring Lab Celebrates 40 Years 

Over the past 40 years, the scientists of the internationally renowned Tree Ring Lab at Lamont have hiked the continents in search of tree-ring records. They have documented droughts that stretched for hundreds of years, dated historic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and found in trees around the world evidence of how the planet cooled and then started warming. This week, we’re celebrating their 40th anniversary, in pictures.

More from the Tree Ring Lab:

Global Warming Has Measurably Worsened the California Drought 

California is seeing record dryness this year, and global warming is exacerbating the problem, a new study by Park Williams warns. Williams explains how continually increasing temperatures and the resulting loss of moisture from plants, trees and reservoirs could push California into more persistent aridity.

Glacial Earthquakes May Help Forecast Sea Level Rise

When massive chunks of ice fall off advancing glaciers, they create measurable earthquakes. In Greenland, these glacial quakes have increased sevenfold over the last two decades. Meredith Nettles explains how this knowledge could help scientists track ice loss contributing to sea level rise.

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Catch Up With Our Scientists

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At Lamont

Clean Energy: Lamont Prepares to Go Solar
Ocean Exploration: Lamont-Doherty to Manage U.S. Science Support for IODP
The R/V Langseth: Expanding Capabilities & Mapping Land Claimed by Sea Level Rise
Vetlesen Science Prize: Honoring a Pioneer in Understanding Earthquakes
Education: Training Teen Scientists 
In Memoriam: Remembering Dennis E. Hayes, Mapper of Ocean Beds
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