Join us for an evening of learning with Lamont-Doherty scientists.
Cocktails will begin at 4:30 with science presentations from 5 to 6:30. 

Jim Davis will speak about the field of geodesy, which studies the Earth's gravitational field to understand changes in our planet's size, shape, rotation, and other aspects of measuring global dimension and change. The second presentation will be a panel, Drilling and Quakes: A Timely Conversation. Interim Director Arthur Lerner-Lam will moderate a discussion with Alberto Malinverno of Lamont's Borehole Research Group; Heather Savage of the Seismology division; and energy specialist Roger Anderson.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP by Wednesday, March 7.


Click here for directions
to the Columbia Club. 

For more information, call
Barbara Charbonnet
at 845-365-8585.

Director's Circle

Members of the Director's Circle are generous and valued partners of Lamont-Doherty, who complement the role of the Advisory Board as ambassadors of the Observatory.


Let us know by Wednesday, March 7 if you and any guests plan to attend.