Official Press Release from the office of Rep. Peter Barca, Assembly Democrats Leader
Date: October 26, 2011
Contact: Melanie Conklin, 608.266.5504

Republicans Continue to Knock the Wind out of Wisconsin’s Economy
Democratic bills would have helped businesses put job seekers back to work and grow Wisconsin’s wind economy

MADISON – Rep. Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) released the following statement today following yet another day of session that failed to produce legislation focused on creating jobs for Wisconsin workers.

There is now added urgency on this issue because Wisconsin lost 12,400 jobs in September, and last week Gov. Walker’s own Department of Revenue predicted he would fall drastically short of his campaign promise to create 250,000 jobs. Democrats offered Republicans another opportunity today to help create hundreds or possibly thousands of jobs in wind energy and by offering tax credits for small businesses to hire long-term unemployed workers, but Republicans threw those opportunities away, despite passing both by huge margins in the last session.

“Gov. Walker and legislative Republicans continue to knock the wind out of Wisconsin’s economy. Democrats pleaded with Republicans to take up two bills that would have helped businesses put job seekers back to work and grow Wisconsin’s renewable energy economy, but both proposals were voted down on party lines,” Rep. Barca said. “They are two weeks into a three week floor period that is supposed to be dedicated to jobs and we have had no meaningful jobs bills. It appears that Gov. Walker and his fellow Republicans have thrown in the towel on job creation. That’s a travesty and Wisconsin’s workers deserve better.”

The Republican’s decision not to take up and reject Assembly Bill 72 was particularly shameful. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, “two reports came out today that show Wisconsin has a significant renewable power industry but with a stronger state commitment, it could be saving more energy and creating more jobs.” The motion by Democrats would have undone unnecessary hurdles put in place by Republicans that have halted wind energy development and killed jobs.