Whimsical Animal Art - Dana Feagin Art News - July 2016
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Prince Charming - Dana Feagin Art News - July 2016
"Prince Charming", © 2016 Dana Feagin , 8 x 8

Prince Charming

"Prince Charming" is my newest painting, a portrait of a Chinese goose I found on a copyright free website. His blue eyes, rimmed by orange skin really struck me, as well as his expression. The title was inspired by some fact-finding I've done on farm animals, to be better prepared for my stint as a Sanctuary One Farm tour guide. After I completed the training, I realized that most of what I knew about certain animals were their rescue stories, not about the animals in general. For instance, during training, I learned that our goats were not fat, they were just gassy (making them look fat), due to their ruminant digestive system - and an easy way to tell the difference between a llama and an alpaca is that llamas have curved ears, like commas. I needed a few more farm animal facts in my back pocket.

So, here are a few things I learned about Chinese geese - they are also called "weeder geese" because of their careful foraging skills. They have serrated beaks and tongues to help cut through grasses. However, they can also be quite picky about what they eat. They are also social with other animals, including humans. If you feed a young gosling, they will devote themselves to you, as a surrogate parent for their whole life, which can be up to 25 years. And, although geese are well known for being monogamous, farmyard geese are not - a gander usually has a harem of 3-4 geese to which they are very devoted.
 Thus, my title, "Prince Charming". I'm sure his harem of farmyard geese would agree.

Makes you want to come for a farm tour, doesn't it? 

The Studio Bunnies Are Bonded!


After 6 months of drama, Chelsea and Nell are finally bonded, happily sharing a home - and the studio. Nell's separate pen is gone and and I have more space again! In the end, it took three days and two nights of constant togetherness in a penned off area of the studio. They finally got tired of the fighting & seemed to realize they were just stuck with each other. Thank goodness! 

Coming Events

The Loft, Ashland - September 1 - 30th. Opening reception on First Friday, September 2nd. Join me and Kat von Cupcake for the debut showing of our painting and poetry collaboration!

Dana's Open Studio - Part of Ashland Gallery Association's Open Studio Tour,  October 8 & 9, 11AM - 5PM. Stop on in and say hello! Half of the sales this weekend will benefit Sanctuary One.

My paintings continue to be shown at Art & Soul Gallery in Ashland. New pieces are hanging in August.

Until Next Month!



Copyright © 2016 Dana Feagin, All rights reserved.

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