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In Memoriam of Dr. Michael W. Berns

Dr. Berns was a pioneer in Biophotonics and lasers in biomedical science. Berns co-founded and directed the University of California Irvine’s storied Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic. He was a leader at UC Irvine, the Beckman Laser Center and IEM. His intellect, mentorship, and generosity were well known to and admired by all his colleagues in IEM and Bioengineering at UC San Diego.

To make a donation in his honor, please donate to:
UC San Diego Biophotonics Technology Center
Michael W. Berns Memorial Fund for Biophotonics
UC Irvine Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic

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Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine Award Recipients

The Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine (GEMINI) program aims to provide mentoring and career development to improve diversity and inclusion in the Institute of Engineering in Medicine. GEMINI provides mentoring and support for increased access and success of early-career researchers from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.
This year we are proud to present our 2022 GEMINI Award Recipients, Maya Rowell and Dr. Daniel Valdez-Jasso. Maya Rowell is a Ph.D. Student in Bioengineering and has been awarded a 2022 GEMINI Fellowship Recipient. Dr. Daniela Valdez-Jasso is an Associate Professor in Bioengineering and has been awarded a 2022 GEMINI Faculty Mentor Awardee.

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Shu Chien Early Lecturer Career Award Recipient

Congratulations to Professor Daniela Valdez-Jasso on winning the 2022 Bioengineering Institute of California Shu Chien Early Career Lecturer Award held at the Bioengineering Research Symposium and Biotechnology Industry Showcase!

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SUURPh Summer School in Computational Physiology with the Simula Research Institute in Oslo

UCSD Bioengineering has promoted long-standing research collaborations with the University of Oslo (UiO) and Simula Research Laboratory (Simula), led by Professor Andrew McCulloch.  The 8th annual joint Summer School in computational physiology, a collaborative effort between the three institutions, was held at UCSD after an initial targeted lecture component at Simula in Oslo.
The core goal of the summer school is to promote successful research collaboration between the host institutions, with particular emphasis on the training of excellent Ph.D. candidates and MSc students. The material covered by this summer school focuses on fundamental principles of mathematical modeling in electrophysiology and biomechanics, tailored toward excitable tissues such as cardiac cells and neurons.

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ENLACE Summer Program

This summer, undergraduate students Andreina and Flores analyzed previously collected data from UCSD athletes completing a series of movement tasks. The data was collected using an iPhone camera motion capture system developed by Stanford. They worked to develop a normative data set of the athlete's completing a squat motion, comparing the kinematics of a poor and good squat. This work will help continue to benchmark athletes and better understand proper movement techniques to avoid injury and enhance performance.

High school students, Sara and Sergio, worked on the reconstruction of a Mouse Hindlimb Musculoskeletal geometry through four supporting modalities. By using literature, the students looked at high resolution microCT imaging of a mouse hindlimb and generated 3D segmentations that they later verified with dissections and 3D printed models.  Future research can be conducted and applied to humans for furthering science and medicine by understanding the analogous anatomy of the mouse hindlimb.

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Center for Medical Device Engineering and Biomechanics

Dr. Tania Morimoto at the Center for Medical Device Engineering and Biomechanics (CMDEB) has recently published two papers in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters to be presented at the IEEE/RAS International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). The papers cover topics on the Design and Evaluation of a Miniaturized Force Sensor Based on Wave Backscattering and Learning Non-Parametric Models in Real Time via Online Generalized Product of Experts.
Morimoto has also published one paper in IEEE Transactions in Robotics on A Generalized Framework for Concentric Tube Robot Design Using Gradient-Based Optimization.

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Summer Joint Research Collaboration between IEM and INC

Tzyy-Ping Jung, co-director of the Center for Advanced Neurological Engineering (CANE) at IEM and a member of the Institute for Neural Computation (INC), is conducting a summer joint research collaboration between IEM and INC. Jung is hosting three international students from Taiwan whom are conducting research at IEM. The students have completed their training courses and are now working with their graduate student mentor (far left) and faculty mentor (far right).

BEGs Outreach Newsletter

The Bioengineering Graduate Society (BEGS) Outreach Program is a group of graduate students that seek to enrich the education of high school students in San Diego County, expose them to the field of bioengineering, and mentor them to pursue career paths in STEM.
This newsletter highlights their outreach activities this year, including partnerships with several high schools and participation in local science and engineering festivals.
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