We can't let Israel get away with using the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to escalate its abuses.
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Chef Ahmed al-Batta presents cakes portraying the coronavirus, part of an effort to educate children about risks and prevention, in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, 7 April. (Photo: Ashraf Amra)



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During this pandemic, we face difficult days as individuals and communities, but we also know we are not affected equally.

COVID–19 has exposed and exacerbated intolerable inequalities and injustices. This is also true for Palestinians, who are particularly vulnerable after decades of Israeli oppression – which despite the pandemic has not let up for a single day.

No letup

As our contributor Sarah Algherbawi wrote recently, “I cannot help but feel that the lockdown that the coronavirus has visited upon large parts of the world is showing everyone a little of what life is like in Gaza.”

But I’m also proud that The Electronic Intifada’s coverage has not let up either, and for that we are especially grateful to our reporters, photographers and videographers on the ground whose work you help to support.

It’s vital that we don’t take our eyes off what’s happening.

Palestine’s healthcare system, especially in Gaza, has been degraded by years of Israeli wars, occupation and blockade.

Even though Israel, as the occupying power, is responsible for the health of Palestinians in Gaza, it has no plan to prevent a wide outbreak.

And while Israel claims to have annexed East Jerusalem, the Palestinian population in the city is facing a growing crisis as underfunded hospitals brace for a surge in cases.

Despite the pandemic, Gaza’s fishers are still going out to sea, trying to earn an income for their families while providing their community with vital nutrition. Yet they continue to face shooting attacks from Israel’s navy.

In the West Bank, meanwhile, Palestinian farmers and villagers face an onslaught of attacks by Israeli settlers.

Thousands more Palestinians are in grave danger in Israeli prisons which – like prisons all over the world – have become hotspots for spreading the virus.

Yet instead of releasing prisoners, Israel is detaining more Palestinians – especially children.

And as many of us try to stay home to save lives, for some Palestinian families that’s impossible: How can you stay home if Israel has destroyed your house?

Staying home isn’t an option for tens of thousands of Palestinian laborers either. Instead, they have to spend weeks at a time in Israel, separated from their families in order to do essential, low-paid work Israelis won’t do. When those Palestinians do come home, they risk bringing the virus back with them.

Yet Israel’s official propaganda apparatus – aided by complicit international officials – is falsely portraying Israel as a benefactor to Palestinians during the crisis.

Meanwhile in Lebanon, the first case of coronavirus has been confirmed in a Palestinian refugee camp. But Palestinian refugees are excluded from government relief plans, even as they face restrictions on their ability to earn an income that others in Lebanon are spared.

Strong for the long haul

For me personally, taking things a day at a time has been a good way to cope with the stress of this crisis, especially the worry for loved ones far away. I remind myself that sometimes it’s OK that my horizon doesn’t extend beyond my next trip to the grocery store. It is hard to make plans when everything is so uncertain.

But Israel, unfortunately, sees long-term opportunities in the crisis and it is already seizing them.

Here are a few examples we’ve reported on:

Israel’s cyberware and weapons companies see the chance to sell their spying technologies worldwide under the cover of COVID–19 contact tracing, potentially threatening the safety and privacy of anyone who uses a mobile phone.

In the occupied Golan Heights, Israel is using the coronavirus lockdown as an opportunity to expand its seizure of Syrian citizens’ land.

Israel’s incoming “emergency government” – ostensibly cobbled together to cope with the coronavirus crisis – has pledged to forge ahead with annexation of the West Bank, possibly within months. No doubt, Israel will be counting on a preoccupied world to do even less than usual to hold it accountable.

This is why we too must be strong for the long haul. It’s why I am asking you, if you can, to take advantage of this great opportunity right now by becoming a monthly sustainer.

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Together we will continue to expose and challenge Israel’s abuses and lies, and inspire people all over the world to lend their solidarity to the struggle for justice and equality.

Thank you.

On behalf of The Electronic Intifada team, I wish you safety and good health,

Ali Abunimah
Executive Director

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