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First the United Arab Emirates, then Bahrain and Sudan, and now Morocco …

In the last few months, these governments have all normalized ties with Israel. Sadly, I won’t be surprised if others follow.

Palestinians see this as a betrayal of basic principles and solidarity: You don’t side with oppressors and occupiers. You don’t reward ethnic cleansing, apartheid and colonization.

But the Trump administration and Benjamin Netanyahu are celebrating their triumphs.

And this is one of the many issues where it doesn’t make any difference who is in the White House: President-elect Joe Biden has welcomed these normalization deals as “historic” and “brave.”

The European Union too has praised the Trump administration for brokering the agreements. The British prime minister even described Arab normalization with Israel as a “step on the road to a more peaceful Middle East.”

But nothing could be further from the truth. All normalization does is embolden Israel to commit more crimes with impunity. Meanwhile, arms merchants will cash in, flooding the region with ever more sophisticated weapons purchased at the expense of people’s basic needs.

In one of the most perverse and shameless examples of what normalization means, a member of the UAE’s ruling family is investing $90 million in Beitar Jerusalem, Israel’s most racist football club.

Fans of the club, who include Netanyahu, are notorious for their anti-Arab incitement. True to form, fans greeted the news of the Emirati investment with their trademark call of “Death to the Arabs.”

I take some comfort in knowing that the sordid embrace of Israel by Arab regimes – driven by ignorance, selfish interests and greed – is overwhelmingly unpopular among the people of the region.

But I’m still worried. I see intense, well-funded efforts to brainwash the next generation into believing that it is good to embrace Israel as it violates international law, and to hell with the Palestinians.

That’s why we are fighting back.

This week, The Electronic Intifada published a big exposé of one such brainwashing effort, called Nas Daily.

Nas Daily publishes short, lighthearted videos from around the world showcasing the travels of a young Palestinian citizen of Israel called Nuseir Yassin. The videos are seemingly harmless fun.

But Nas Daily has millions of followers on Facebook – a platform Yassin also uses to promote propaganda that whitewashes Israel’s crimes and smears the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement for Palestinian rights.

Yassin – who admits to accepting money from governments – is also making propaganda videos on behalf of the UAE.

Palestinians have called for a boycott of Nas Daily because they want the world to know that he and the pro-Israel messages in his videos do not represent them.

I’m happy to say our story about Nas Daily went viral.

Yet this critical work is only possible with your support. That’s why I’m asking you to make a donation right now to keep us strong in the coming year.

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I believe we must educate and warn people about the manipulative, feel-good propaganda like Nas Daily that aims to deflect attention from Israel’s oppression and even paint it as a benefactor.

It’s even more dangerous when a Palestinian like Yassin is willing to be used in this deceptive manner.

Unlike Nas Daily, we don’t take money to promote government agendas. The Electronic Intifada’s journalism is independent because we’re supported by individuals just like you.

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We can only do it together.

On behalf of all us as at The Electronic Intifada, I wish you season’s greetings and a safe and healthy new year,

Ali Abunimah
Executive Director

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