We dared to publish Al Jazeera's censored film.
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They wanted to keep this secret from us



Just imagine if an undercover investigation by a major media network revealed damning and conclusive evidence of massive efforts by Russia to spy on American citizens and smear those who disagree with its policies.

And imagine if this investigation uncovered off-the-books election campaign fundraisers for American politicians who do Russia’s bidding. Imagine if it also showed how secretive organizations shape the stories Americans see on the news to show Russia in a more favorable light.

Now, imagine if pressure from Russia succeeded in getting this media network to bury its bombshell investigation so no one would ever know the truth.

Don’t you think that would be a big story? Don’t you think you’d have read about it in The New York Times, heard about it on NPR or seen it on MSNBC and the BBC?

Well this all actually happened, except the country in question was not Russia, it was Israel.

In fact, Israel and its lobby moved mountains to pressure Qatar to stop Al Jazeera from airing its film, The Lobby–USA.

It’s an explosive four-part documentary exposing dirty tricks targeting student activists and educators, as well as espionage and political manipulation by some of the most influential organizations in Washington.

The Al Jazeera journalists who made the film did a brilliant job, but they were badly let down by the decision to censor it.

If things had been left up to mainstream media – which have remained totally silent about this huge story – the lobby would have succeeded in keeping all of this in the dark.

But the mighty Israel lobby did not take account of The Electronic Intifada.

In March, we were the first to report on the film’s contents. We followed this in August by publishing the first leaked excerpts showing Israel lobby operatives confiding secrets to an undercover reporter.

And in November we released the whole film.

There’s a reason why we did what powerful Al Jazeera could not: The Electronic Intifada is fiercely independent. People trust us to get the job done. Most important, we are funded by you, which means no one can pressure us to keep the truth from coming out.

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Ali Abunimah
Executive Director

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