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Quiet Waters

As most of us have probably realized by now, going through struggles of perseverance in our daily lives are inevitable. Most of the time God sends us little blessings, to help us through the storms ,when we keep on following our shepherd. Just like David writes in Psalm 23. He leads me beside quiet waters,....though I walk through the valley of the shaddow of death...fear no evil. All in the same chapter. Many times we forget that. When you're going through difficulties, look for the quiet waters.

He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my Soul, He guides me in circles of righteousness, for His name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the Shaddow of Death, I will fear no evil. For You are with me.
Psalm 23
Through doing what we do here in Jerusalem. God has lead me beside quiet waters these past weeks. We celebrated my brother Donovan, my Mom and Dad's Birthdays, while going to a spectacular Swiss wedding next to the Garden Tomb (where Yeshua was buried and rose). It was a great breather. The Little JerusalemTeaching series is very close to finish, where there is a chance that it might be "Aired" on God Tv internationally, so please pray. A few hurdles still needs to be cleared, but It's going to be huge. All the info will be sent as soon as we are done.

Hebrew Revelation For The Day!

Time is chasing us all

What is the one thing we have that God does not, but wants from us every second of every day.
Yes, the answer is time. God has everything. All things belong to God, He is not bound by time, but we are.

Holiness in Hebrew is written as foll
ows: קדושה (Kadosha)
The same root word  להקדיש (Lehakdish)
means the following:
to dedicate, to allocate, to designate, to devote ; to dedicate to God, to sanctify ; to consecrate

Crazy right! So what does Holiness truely mean, as in how do you become Holy and sanctified before God. Devote, dedicate, allocate, designate and consecrate all of yourself as a living sacrifice and give God the one thing you have, that He doesnt. Your time. Thats why we call it a morning devotion. You can't get to know your spouse if you don't spend time with her/him. So get Holy by spending time with God.
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