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The Lion and The Lamb.
Oh yes. You said it! Finally we’re getting to the Good Stuff. Many times I’ve wondered why God chose to compare Yeshua to a roaring Lion and a timid lamb. I mean Yeshua is for sure a Lion. He’s King Of The Jungle. He’s the bright morning Star. The prince of Peace! I mean…Roaar – right? And then the King Of the Jungle get’s the sacrifice of a little lamb. How odd. Seriously, when’s the last time you really felt like – Through Yeshua’s sacrifice, He won!
And one of the elders said to me: Behold The Lion Of Tribe Of Judah, the root of David, has conquered, so that he can open up the scrolls and the seven seals.
Revelations 5:5

The Lion has Conquered!!

First of all, Little Jerusalem would just like to thank all of you who are reading the Updates again, and thank you for all your feedback. Please keep forwarding the Hebrew Revelations to anybody who would want them. My calling is to share the word from Jerusalem and encourage. The Teachings have ranged from the Song of Songs for South Africans to Hebrew Revelations for Groups coming through Israel.
May God Truly Bless You in This Month and May Your Season Change For The Better.

Hebrew Revelation For The Day!

The Conquering Lamb.
In scripture we hear about Yeshua, the Conquering Lion and the Sacrificial Lamb, but what about the Conquering Lamb?
Yeshua had to conquer sin, temptation and death. He did this through being a Lamb that was sacrificed. Check This Out!
The word for Lamb in Hebrew is: [Keves] כבש
The same root letters in hebrew mean the following verbs [Likbosh] לכבוש
 To conquer
To level a (road)
To captivate
(Literary) To restrain oneself
To overcome one’s inclinations
To hold back
To preserve

Wow! Isn't that amazing? All those words are the same word as "Lamb" and Yeshua is The Lamb of God.
The next day John saw Jesus coming towards him and said, Look, The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.. John 1:29
Every one of those verbs describe our Saviour-Yeshua. Even better, when He’s in us, they are supposed to describe us too.
When Jesus asked Peter 3 times if He loved him, for every time that Peter said yes, Jesus replied with: "feed my lambs". John 21:15
Yeshua IS THE LAMB [keves, כבש] OF GOD and He levels our Paths, he helps us hold back from sin and anger, and restrain ourselves, while preserving His love and Holy Spirit inside of us and most importantly. He has conquered death and sin. Yeshua forgives our sins so that we too can conquer the enemy!! Awesome!!

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