Happy Newy years! This is going to Blow Your Mind!
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Happy New Years! 5774
According to Biblical belief we are in the year 5774 from the time of Adam.
Isn’t that awesome? As you probably have realized, the world is not only 2013 years old. Today we celebrate the Jewish New Years according to the Hebrew calendar, which is not the same calendar the Western World have moved on to in the past 2000 years as a result of the Roman Empire. The Hebrew Calendar dates back according to the Biblical Timeline to the creation of man. (Not including the creation of the world, before Adam) Amazing isn’t it?

In the past month I have traveled all across God’s land, putting together over 30 of the Holy Sites in Israel in a Movie Guided Format to be viewed and shared by the world. Little Jerusalem's goal is still the Isaiah 2 Mandate. “And The Law Will Go Forth From Zion”. Sharing God’s land with you is it's passion. We are more excited than ever to share all these wonderful Revelations with the International Body of Believers.
Please help by praying for:
- Favor with finishing projects.
- Sharing videos and Teachings with those around you.
- Spreading the word about Little Jerusalem.
For the Awesome Videos of the Holy Land, check out
it’s free to watch online. So Enjoy.

Hebrew Revelation For The Day!

Like I always say, so many secrets are hidden in the Hebrew Language and Culture. When Jesus came to die for us on the cross, he never said to reset our calendar and start from "0 Years" again, which happened as a result of the Roman Armies destroying the Jews and Jerusalem 70 years after the resurrection of Christ. Just like he never meant to separate the Old from the New Testament.
Doing this, we make a separation in our minds. Thinking the Old testament is forgotten in the past. No, God’s story with Mankind started 5774 years ago, and has never been separated. Just like the story from David, through to Jesus, until the Jews returning to the Promised Land after the Holocaust have been one ongoing story. Undevided, Unseperated, and Unfinished. God is very much in control of his Nation, molding them, fulfilling His Story (History) through Israel. The exciting parts are still to come. Our job is to erase the ways the world has taught us to think, but to think about the truth in the Word Of God. 
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