In Jerusalem! Glory to the King!!
Shalom <<First Name>>

Each second you can be reborn, Each second there can be a new beginning. It is a choice, It is Your Choice.

After the storm, when the clouds start to pass, G-d’s ray of sunlight comes through and shines on his children. May G-d’s love within us shine like a light to the world, like a town built on a hill that cannot be hidden.

"Who Dares Despise The Day Of Small Things"
Zechariah 4:10



I have prayed and felt that G-d had called me to His struggling city for quite some time to come, helping those in need and speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Acts 18:9-10 “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you."
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Hebrew Revelation For The Day!
In Hebrew the same root word כבד (Ceved) meaning Heavy, or burdensome like you see below, also means to give honor, respect or to clean a room.

כָּבֵד תואר        Heavy, Serious, (Slang), Burdensome.                     
כָּבַד פ' קל        To weigh heavily upon,To burden, (Biblical)               
כִּבֵּד פ' פיעל       To give honor to, to respect,To honor (an agreement),
   To clean a room, to sweep, (literary)

While praying about these different meanings to the same root word, I was reminded about an Israeli friend, who once told me: "We Glorify God the Most, When we need Him the most!" In other words the root words we see above -, helps us to understand that One of the reasons God wants us to glorify Him, is because He carries our burdens, just like he carried our sins on the cross. When we give Him our worries and fears, that heaviness holding us down in our everyday lives, We actually glorify and honor Him the most. Through doing that, we're cleaning the rooms inside "our house". Like it talks about in Matthew 12:43-45.
So clean your house through Glorifying our God today by giving Him your burdens.
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