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Strong & Weak
With a positive attitude one can always overcome the weakness that may seem like it's holding us back, but actually God is using our weaknesses to strengthen us. Do not get intimidated by fear, not even by the weaknesses that you see in yourself. For your weakness allows you to relate to other people and God uses such circumstances to glorify His name.

‘That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weakness, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.’
2 Corinthians 12: 10
Finally my feet touched the soil of Israel! I am where my hearts want to be. The joy of the Lord guided me once again into the hands of His people.
Nothing is impossible for God! He provides every time, exactly what I need.
Little Jerusalem is finishing the 3rd movie the DVD Teaching Series (Season 1) which we're hoping to send out soon across the nations.
Thank you for your support and prayers.

Hebrew Revelation For The Day!
Wow, Hebrew never ceases to amaze me. Are you ready for this.
Alot of times we found ourselves missing God's touch, His presence. Then we ask Him to be close to us again...where maybe even then we don't feel him, and wonder why? Well once again the answer lies in Hebrew.
The roots .ק.ר.ב explains it all.

להתקרב                          -                 To Draw Close (Verb)
קרוב                          -                         Close (Noun)
להקריב                          -                  To Sacrifice (Verb)
קורבן                            -                   Sacrifice (Noun)
And last but not least
קרב                -                  Battle.

Wow, Seriously. Thats amazing isn't it. It's like God knew the secrets and since the beginning put it in Hebrew.. For Him to draw close to us, He had to send His son, Yeshua to sacrifice himself, through battling Satan on the cross. He won. We are forgiven. But now it's our turn. Now when we want to draw close to God, we also have to join the battle, because Satan does not want us to be close to yeshua. We have to sacrifice our time, money, friendships etc. But when we do, it's so worth it. What can you sacrifice today to draw closer to God?
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