A Light To The World!
Shalom <<First Name>>

A Light To The World.
We as believers are called to be a light to the world.
You are the light of the world...
Like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.
Matthew 5:14

Many times we as believers put so much focus on becoming perfect for God, that we forget about the lost. Having a good balance between keeping your head in the clouds (relationship with God) and your feet on the ground (relationship with people) is essential.

This month started off with a bang as I received my volunteer visa for the upcoming year (which is a massive miracle) followed by teaching a Bible school from Denver and a great group from South Africa.
Little Jerusalem is continueing the Israel awareness teachings with the teams, but is working on something special - A Jerusalem Awareness Music Video that will hopefully be released at the end of the year. Please pray for revelation through our teachings and servanthood, as well as open doors in every area for the music video.
Thank You Again Soo Much For All Of Your Support.

Hebrew Revelation For The Day!

Mount Moriah. The Holy Of Holies.
The word Moriah can be derived from
Moreh [מורה] – To Point Out
Mora [מורה] - Awe (Fear Of The Lord)
Orah [אורה] – Light

It is believed in Judaism that the corner stone of Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, where the Temple Mount was built, is the place where God pointed for Abraham to prophetically offer up his son Isaac, where Light shone forth on man, and where the the fear of the Lord went forth to all mankind and became the Holy of Holies.
What you won’t hear is that the Garden Tomb, which is the place believed for Yeshua’s sacrifice, buriel, and resurrection, is located on the same mountain.
The actual root word for Moriah is
Mor - מור
which is the Hebrew word for myrh, a Hebrew perfume associated with embalming the dead. Abraham’s sacrifice, the Jew's sacrifices in the Temple and Yeshua’s sacririfce gave off a pleasing fragrance to God from Mount Moriah. Imagine how much more Yeshua in you, your heart being the Holy Of Holies, and through your sacrifices give off a pleasing fragrance to our Father. Moriah means “My Myrh (Sacrifical Perfume) of God ”

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